Spectator Manners

July 13th (Sat) Albirex Niigata match
Viewing manners here

When events are held or games are held at venues other than Ajinomoto Stadium, the operation method may be partially changed. Please check the latest information from the game information of each game and come to the venue.

About the J.League Unified Prohibited Rule

To provide a safe and comfortable game watching experience for stadium visitors, FC Tokyo implements safety management and security measures based on its management regulations. When attending a game, we kindly ask for your support in accordance with the spirit of fair play, and to comply with the prohibited items within the stadium, as well as the J-League unified prohibited rules (J-League Common Spectator Etiquette & Rules) and management regulations. Please note that whether or not such actions violate the game operation management regulations will be ultimately determined by the J-League or each club.

※If prohibited acts or acts that pose security problems specified in the management regulations are committed, you may be subject to expulsion or entry prohibition.
Furthermore, please be aware that entry may also be prohibited for matches at stadiums other than the one where the violation occurred.

Regarding photography and video usage inside the stadium during game broadcasts, etc.

The video footage taken for the purpose of broadcasting during the game inside the stadium (including the concourse)
(including individual portraits of visitors, banners, flags, and other creations such as chants) in whole or in part (including still images) may be used for the following purposes in addition to broadcasting during the game, so please be aware of this in advance.

  • Use on the large video display system inside the stadium and various monitors installed inside the venue.
  • For use in J.League and club official media
  • Use in news programs and related media
  • Use in video works and various sales items produced by J.League or those designated by J.League (including partner companies)

Prohibited items

Unless specifically required by the operator or safety manager, please refrain from bringing prohibited items listed in the J.League unified prohibited items and the following items into the facility.

  • Bottles and cans (The contents of bottles and cans will be transferred to paper cups at the entrance gate before entering)
    ※PET bottles are allowed to be brought in.
  • Items that security personnel determine may interfere with the operation or progress of other matches and may cause inconvenience or danger to others

About entering and exiting the stadium

The opening time, entrance gate, and re-entry gate may change depending on the ticket sales status and event schedule.
Also, the hosting status of AO-AKA PARK may vary depending on the game, so please check the game information for each match.

Opening Hours

Prior to general admission, priority entry will be implemented for SOCIO and corporate annual ticket holders.

  • SOCIO Open (including corporate annual ticket purchasers)
    Kickoff 2 hours and 20 minutes before
  • General admission
    2 hours before kickoff

Entrance Gate

Seats that can be entered per gate will be restricted for a certain period of time from the opening. If you enter early, please check your seat type and the gate you can enter.

[During Admission Restrictions]

  • Main 3 GateAll seat types excluding Home Free Seats and Visitor Seats
  • North Gate 2Home General Admission
  • Back 2 GateAll seat types excluding Home Free Seats and Visitor Seats
  • South Gate 1For those who have tickets for the Visitor Seats, Main SS Designated Seats South Side, and Main S Designated Seats South Side and will be supporting the visiting team

Waiting Line Lottery Entry

Regarding the operation of the waiting line for entry, we will introduce a ticket acquisition system using the "FC Tokyo Official App" for those in the free seating (SOCIO and general admission).
The waiting line is for organizing the entry order at the time of opening.
Even if you arrive after the opening and before the kickoff, SOCIO members can use the SOCIO priority entry and there are seats available for all ticket holders to sit. Not everyone is required to participate in the lottery.
Please decide on your arrival time based on your preferred way of watching the game.

[Lottery Entry Period and Result Notification Date]

  • Issuance and cancellation of numbered tickets after the above lottery entry period has ended, as well as re-entry, are not allowed.
  • The ticket number is not on a first-come, first-served basis. The time of entry for the lottery does not affect the lottery results.
  • We will inform you again after the schedule is announced for the second half of the season (after September).

Queue Management (for Home General Admission)

The entrance waiting line is for organizing the order of entry at the time of opening.
Even if you arrive after the gate opens and in time for the kickoff, there are seats available for you to sit, so you don't necessarily have to line up.
Please determine your arrival time based on your own method of watching.

  • For those who have a numbered ticket through a lottery entry
    Please prepare the obtained numbered ticket in advance and line up at the waiting area (refer to the waiting area below) 25 minutes before the opening time for the designated time (refer to the lineup method in the waiting area below). If you are not present during the lineup, your numbered ticket will be invalidated.
  • If you do not have a numbered ticket, you can line up at the back of the line starting 5 hours before kickoff. Once you have lined up, you can leave the line and come back to the waiting area 25 minutes before the designated gate opening time.
  • Please note that you cannot leave the line until 25 minutes before the gate opens. Please line up in advance and understand this.
  • If there are any changes to the opening and gathering times, we will notify you on the official website.
  • 〇SOCIO customers

    SOCIO customers
  • General Public

  • 〇How to line up in the waiting area
    Ropes with assigned numbers are installed as markers, so please line up with your companions at the location where your assigned number is indicated.

Queue Management (Reserved Seat)

Organizing the waiting line inside the venue

Please line up at the main gate, back gate, and south 1 gate waiting areas starting 5 hours before kickoff. After securing your spot, you may leave the waiting area.

  • Main Gate

  • Back Gate

  • Gate 1 South (Visitor Seats)


Re-entry is possible from the following gate.
Re-entry gates: Main 4 gates, Back 1 gate, Back 3 gate
Re-entry hours: From SOCIO opening until halftime, please present your ticket at the gate when temporarily leaving and receive a re-entry card.
[Re-entry] Please present your re-entry card at the gate.

When leaving the field

We will not implement regulation exits, but we ask for your cooperation in preventive measures against watching, such as adjusting the time.

Spectator Rules

Standing Area

Home general admission lower area and visitor general admission lower area can be used as standing areas for cheering. The standing area does not require standing. It is an area where you do not ask people to sit down. Standing and watching in other areas is prohibited.

Visitor merchandise wear area

Wearing visitor merchandise is only allowed in the following areas.

  • Visitor Seats
  • ・Main SS Designated Seat South Side
  • ・Main S Designated Seat South Side
  • ※The Main SS Reserved Seat South Side and Main S Reserved Seat South Side are mixed areas.
  • ※Visitors are not allowed to wear visitor goods or support the visitor team outside the above area.
  • ※Please note that the Main SSS designated seats are FC Tokyo's cheering seats, regardless of the north or south side.
  • ※If there are any changes to the viewing rules above, we will inform you in the ticket sales overview for each game.

Regarding the display of banners (flags, banners)

The location for displaying banners (flags, banners) has been determined. Please refrain from displaying them in places other than the designated location. Please follow the instructions of the staff when displaying them.

■Designated Location

FC Tokyo Banner Display Designated LocationVisitor Banner Display Designated Location

FC Tokyo Banner
  • Lower Stand Home Free Seating, Lower Stand Back Seating, Lower Stand Back Center Seating (partially), Lower Stand South Side Free Seating, and Frontmost Area of Boundary Line Area
  • Home general seating upper stand, back side upper stand middle aisle and top railing section
  • The sale of South Side general admission tickets depends on the ticketing status of other seat types, so there may be cases where they are not sold for certain matches. In such cases, it will not be possible to display banners, so please understand in advance.
Visitor team banner
  • Front row of the lower level of the visitor's stand
  • Visitor seat upper stand aisle and top railing section
  • Due to ticket sales conditions, there are areas where the upper stands will not be opened and therefore cannot be displayed in some parts.
    Please confirm with the staff in advance and follow their instructions when displaying.
  • Display on the uppermost wall surface of the North Side Stand and South Side Stand is only permitted with the approval of FC Tokyo.
■Posting Time
  • FC Tokyo's banner
    For those who are preparing banners in advance, please gather at "Euro Sports Ajinomoto Stadium Store" inside the stadium grounds 120 minutes before the opening.
    In addition, it is also possible to display banners (flags, banners) after the gates are opened.
  • Visitor team's banner
    will be displayed after the gates open. Pre-display is not possible.
    • Please confirm with the staff in advance before posting and follow their instructions.
    • Do not use duct tape when installing a banner.

Regarding the use of musical instruments

Only the lower level of the home general admission seats and the lower level of the visitor seats can be used.
Please refrain from using musical instruments in other areas.

Regarding the use of the large flag

Definition of a flag: Flag portion (1m or more in height × 1m or more in width) + pole 1m or more

  • If the size of the flag section and the pole is 1 meter or more in any one place, it will become a large flag.
    However, the L flag is not included in the large flag.

Areas where large flags can be used: Lower level of home general seating and lower level of visitor seating

  • Please note that the use of this area outside the designated area is prohibited in order to ensure the safety of all visitors. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Please be sure to pay close attention to the customers around you when using the large flag.
    The organizer may prohibit the bringing and use of items if they are deemed to be defamatory, abusive, racist, advertising, against public order and morals, or otherwise deemed inappropriate for the game venue.

Regarding the installation and use of temporary handrails in the front row of the standing seats

Installation and use are only possible if the following conditions are met and approved by FC Tokyo.

  • Please be sure to cover the facility structure with cloth or similar material.
  • If the facility structure is damaged, FC Tokyo cannot take responsibility.

Prohibited Behavior

Unless the operator or safety manager deems it necessary, the following actions, as well as any J-League prohibited actions, are strictly prohibited in all facilities. Please refrain from:

  • Banners (flags, banners, etc.) that may be considered as defamation or discrimination are prohibited. As a general societal norm, if we determine that there is defamation or discrimination as a club, we will remove the display items and issue a warning for the behavior. If the behavior continues, we may ask you to leave. In addition, if such prohibited acts are committed, you may be banned from attending subsequent matches.
  • The use of duct tape when attaching a banner.
  • Confetti, streamers, bringing and using balloons.
  • Use of laser pointers.
  • Throwing of any objects including stones, coins, bottles, cans, fireworks, and smoke bombs from the stands.
  • Intentional place holding (flags, ropes, tapes, flagpoles, etc.). Please check here for more details.
  • Use of megaphones directed towards the pitch. Only allowed if the purpose is to control support towards the stands.
  • Drums, large flags, and other musical instruments are allowed in the main stand, back stand, and upper stands behind the goals.
    (Only allowed in the lower stands behind the goals in the home general seating area and the lower stands behind the goals in the visitor seating area.)
  • Act of crossing, sitting, and standing up on the front fence of the stand.
  • Watching and cheering while standing up on a chair or putting your feet on the backrest of a chair.
  • Watching and supporting the game by leaning forward from the front of the upper stand.
  • Group cheering activities in the concourse.
  • Actions that security personnel deem to have the potential to interfere with the operation or progress of the game, cause inconvenience or danger to others, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please also check the FAQ.

  • Q.Is there a parking lot at Ajinomoto Stadium?
    A.FC Tokyo does not provide parking spaces for the general public during home games.
    Please come to the venue by public transportation. Also, please absolutely refrain from parking or street parking near the facilities.
  • Q.Is there a bicycle parking lot at Ajinomoto Stadium?
    A.Yes, the availability of bicycle parking varies depending on the game, so please check the latest game information for details.
  • Q.What time can I enter the stadium?
    A.You can enter the stadium starting from 2 hours before kickoff.
    Please check the latest information from the game information of each match as it may change depending on the ticket sales status.
  • Q.Can I bring food and drinks into the stadium?
    A.It is allowed to bring in. However, cans and bottles are not allowed to be brought in, so please transfer them to paper cups at the entrance gate.
  • Q.Can I re-enter?
    A.Re-entry is allowed from the opening time until halftime. Please check the re-entry gate here.
  • Q.Is there a nursing room in the stadium?
    A.There are facilities available on the home side and the back side respectively.
    Please contact the nearest staff member if you wish to use this service.
  • Q.Can I bring or check in a stroller?
    A.It is allowed to bring in. If you bring it to your seat, please be considerate of the passage of the surrounding customers. You can also leave it at the main side or back side information desk. Please ask the staff nearby.
  • Q.Do you have diaper changing sheets?
    A.Baby seats are installed in all men's and women's toilets inside the stadium concourse.
  • Q.Are there wheelchair seats?
    A.We have prepared. No advance reservation is required, so please purchase tickets for the desired viewing area in advance and come to the venue. For more information, click here
  • Q.I left something behind at the stadium. Please tell me the contact information.
    A.Please contact Ajinomoto Stadium Disaster Prevention Center.
    【TEL】042-440-0461 (Reception hours: 9:30-18:15)
    For any forgotten or lost items on the day of the match, please contact the general information desk.
  • Q.Is there a smoking area?

    Installation is available outside the stadium. Please check here for the installation location. Smoking is prohibited in the stands and concourses.

    ※There is a possibility that the schedule may change depending on the match date.