Currently, we have suspended nursery operations from the perspective of preventing the spread of the novel coronavirus infection.
NAZRI's reopening will be announced on the website.

This is a temporary childcare service for customers with small children to watch the game with peace of mind.
Please use it.


  1. Target Age: 1 year old to 6 years old (preschoolers)
  2. Capacity: Up to 8 people
    (Parents or guardians are not allowed to accompany)
  3. Reception hours: 45 minutes before the start of the match until 30 minutes after the end of the match (time from reception to pick-up)
  4. Location: Inside Ajinomoto Stadium
  5. Price: 3000 yen (tax included, collected on the day)
  6. Other: This will be implemented only during Ajinomoto Stadium events.
  7. We do not hold matches on weekdays.
  8. By appointment only

How to Use

Please apply using the application form.

Click here to apply

  1. Application Period: 1:00 PM on the 4th business day before the target match from the ticket release date (must arrive by)
  2. Required Items:
    1. Applicant (Guardian's) Name
    2. Applicant's Phone Number
      ※We will contact you from the secretariat, so please provide us with a phone number that is easy to reach.
    3. Mobile phone number
      ※We will contact you from the secretariat, so please provide us with a phone number that is easy to reach.
    4. Email Address
    5. Desired Date
    6. Number of Children
    7. Child's Age/Months
    8. Experience with using a nursery
    9. FC Tokyo Nursery Usage Count

If there are many applications, it will be a lottery. The results will be notified by the Nursery Office to all applicants no later than 3 business days before the match, after the deadline.
In addition, we will send you the necessary documents to those who use our services.
※Please note that there may be cases where the stability of the submission process cannot be guaranteed when accessing the application form from certain devices or browsers.
In that case, we kindly ask you to contact the following inquiry desk.

  • Section
  • Date of Event
  • Kickoff
  • Opponent
  • Reservation Acceptance Period
  • Reservation Status

Items to bring on the day

  1. Health Insurance Card (Copy)
  2. Reservation ticket
  3. Care Card
  • (2) and (3) should be filled out on the form sent by the Nursery Office after the deadline and brought with you.

To cooperate for on-the-day crime prevention and emergency contact
Thank you for your cooperation

  1. Please ensure that the same guardian is responsible for dropping off and picking up your child.
  2. There may be cases where we take photos with a camera when we take care of your child for security reasons, together with the person who accompanies your child.
  3. On the day, we kindly ask that only those who have a means of contact such as a mobile phone use it.


  1. If you need to cancel your reservation, please be sure to contact the Nursery Office no later than one business day before the match.
    Please be aware that if you cancel without permission, there is a possibility that you will no longer be able to use our service in the future.
  2. Insurance coverage applies during the time we have custody of your belongings (from reception to pick-up). However, minor scratches, fever, colds, and similar conditions are not covered by insurance.
  3. "FC Tokyo Nursery" provides snacks, so except for special occasions, personal food and drinks are not allowed.
  4. Please note that if your child has a severe cough or any other condition that may inconvenience other children, we may refuse to accept them on the day. Thank you for your understanding.

Contact and Reservation Information