FC Tokyo
First-time Viewing Guide

Special Entertainment Space!! FC Tokyo's First Viewing Guide

FC Tokyo's home games are a combination of matches, events, and food, creating a special atmosphere!


Exciting events to enhance your enjoyment of watching matches!
Enjoy a wide range of entertainment!

※This is an introduction to some of the events that have been held so far.
Please check the HP for the events being held.

Special effects fireworks, flames, and special performances using lasers are implemented!
EKI.S Stadium is just a stone's throw away from the station!
Enjoy the journey to the stadium!
Pre-match production
Pre-match production
Various performances such as flag performances and balloon releases are implemented!
Guest Attendance
Guest Attendance
A wide range of guest categories are visiting!
Let's make the game even more exciting!
Players and guests who attended the event held talk shows and more! The abundant food and beverage shops are also attractive!
Parents and children can enjoy with peace of mind! Attractions that children can enjoy are set up at every game!


The perfect companion for watching the game is
AO-AKA PARK's gourmet food!
There's a wide variety of gourmet food and kitchen cars from exclusive restaurants
that can only be found here!

BR Kitchen

Club's original concept kitchen car! Selling menus and original menus that match the match event! Providing products made with a commitment to ingredients! You can enjoy delicious food that is as good as famous restaurants!

Famous stores that everyone knows are also opening!

The famous "Niku-yama" that is known for its difficulty in making reservations is also available! Even though it is a stadium, you can enjoy delicious meat! In addition, FC Tokyo's original craft beer "F.C.TOKYO BEER in AO-AKA PARK" is also available, provided by "EL CAMION by T.Y.HARBOR Brewery"!

Skip the line and buy!
We provide a mobile order service for pre-sale and payment, where you can go to the store at your desired time without waiting in line and worrying about sold-out items! Even if it's your first time and you're feeling anxious, don't worry! By purchasing the products in advance, you won't miss the game due to long queues or miss out on food!


OFFICIAL MERCHANDISE! Merchandise available for sale at the game venue!
"Wear blue and red to support!"


Featured Players! The Blue and Red Warriors
that ignite Tokyo

FC Tokyo has many representative players in each age group.
Check out the player's information on the player page!

Born on October 1, 1998 in Azabu Tanukicho, Minato-ku. Tanukicho is located in the middle of Roppongi and Tokyo Tower, making me a true city kid. I have excellent athletic ability and I liven up the stadium with my dance and various performances. If you're lucky, you might be able to meet me at the game venue and take a photo together!

From ticket purchase to the day before

Ticket Purchase
Ticket Purchase
Designated seats, where you don't have to worry about losing your seat, are recommended for your first time watching.
If you don't know how to purchase, first check here!
Until the day before the match
Until the day before the match
Find your favorite player at FC Tokyo, which also has players representing Japan! Let's have fun finding common points with them!
Preparation the day before
Preparation the day before
Check out the game information on the HP!
Get ready for the event information and gourmet information that will change depending on the match!

Flow of the day

Player Up
Player Introduction
Kick Off
Match Start
3 hours ago
Arrival at the stadium
The gate will open 2 hours before, but AO-AKA PARK will be held 4 hours before the game!
Purchase gourmet food to satisfy your hunger before the match and to accompany you while watching the game!
You can also play with your children at the attractions!
2 hours ago
Entry to the stadium will begin, but if you have reserved seats, there's no need to hurry! You can continue to enjoy AO-AKA PARK or even purchase merchandise at the merchandise shop!
45 minutes ago
Player warm-up begins
First, the goalkeeper warm-up begins! Ten minutes later, the field players also come out onto the pitch and start warming up!
A stadium with support that starts along with the start of warm-up is a special space that supports the team!
10 minutes ago
Player Introduction
On that day, we will introduce the participating players.
Player introductions will be shown on a large screen, and FC Tokyo puts effort into player introduction videos to deliver high-quality player introductions.
Kick Off
Match Start
The game will begin with the referee's whistle!

Access to the venue

  • Ajinomoto
  • National
Ajinomoto Stadium

Ajinomoto Stadium
376-3 Nishimachi, Chofu, Tokyo 182-0032

Travel time from the nearest train station or bus stop
Keio Line
From Shinjuku Station to Tobitakyu Station, take the Keio Line
*In case of temporary stop at Tobitakyu Station Approximately 20 minutes by express train
Tobitakyu Station: About 5 minutes on foot
Seibu Tamagawa Line
Tama Station: about 20 minutes on foot
10 minutes by bus from Chofu Station on the Keio Line
Bus stop "Ajinomoto Stadium entrance": about 5 minutes on foot
Bus stop "Haginohara Housing": about 5 minutes on foot
20 minutes by bus from Musashi-Sakai Station on the JR Chuo Line
25 minutes by bus from Musashi-Koganei Station on the JR Chuo Line
25 minutes by bus from Odakyu Komae Station
Bus stop "Haginohara Housing": about 6 minutes on foot
Japan National Stadium

Japan National Stadium
10-1 Kasumigaoka-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0013, Japan

Travel time from the nearest station
JR Sobu Line Local
Sendaigaya Station / Shinanomachi Station: about 5 minutes on foot
Toei Oedo Line
National Stadium Station (Exit A2): Approximately 1 minute walk
Tokyo Metro Ginza Line
Gaienmae Station (Exit 3): Approximately 9 minutes on foot

Stadium Q&A

What time can I enter the stadium?

General admission will open 2 hours before kickoff.
You can enjoy stadium gourmet and attractions from AO-AKA PARK supported by TOKYO GAS, which is held from 2 hours before the opening time.

Once you enter the stadium, can you not go outside?

After entering, it is possible to leave the stadium. The entry and exit procedures are as follows:
【Re-entry time】
From SOCIO opening until halftime 【When temporarily leaving】
Please present your ticket at the gate and receive a re-entry card.
Please present your re-entry card at the gate.

※Some matches do not allow re-entry.

Is there a parking lot at the stadium?

There is no parking available for general visitors during FC Tokyo home games. Please use public transportation to come to the stadium. Also, please refrain from parking at nearby facilities or on the streets.

Is there a bicycle parking lot at Ajinomoto Stadium?

Yes, please check the bicycle parking lot in the access information for details.

Ticket Q&A

What age do you need a ticket from?

Preschool children are free (no ticket required) up to one child per adult, limited to sitting on the lap.
However, if you require a seat, please purchase a separate ticket.

Are there seats that don't get wet in the rain?

The stadium has a roof and there are also seats that do not get wet.
Please prepare rain gear such as a raincoat as the wind direction and strength of rain may vary and blow in from the front.

Do you have wheelchair accessible seats?

Yes. Advance reservation is not required, so please purchase tickets for the desired viewing area in advance and come to the venue. For details, please check Wheelchair Viewing and Visitors with Disabilities.

Match Q&A

Will the game be held in case of bad weather such as rain?

Games will generally be held. In the event that transportation services are suspended due to typhoons or other factors, there is a possibility that the games may be canceled or the kickoff time may be changed depending on the situation.
Details will be announced on the FC Tokyo Official Homepage and Official Twitter.

Can I bring my own food and drinks?

Food and PET bottles are allowed to be brought in.
(There is no specification for the size of the PET bottle.)
Please note that bottles and cans are not allowed inside. Please transfer the contents to a paper cup at the entrance gate.

Do you have diaper changing sheets?

Baby changing tables are installed in all men's and women's restrooms inside the stadium concourse.

Can I bring or check in a stroller?

You can bring your own. If you bring it to your seat, please be considerate of the passage of the surrounding customers. You can also leave it at the main or back general information desk. Please ask the staff near the general information desk.