FAQFrequently Asked Questions

Please check the "Frequently Asked Questions" and their corresponding answers that we have posted based on your inquiries. Please be sure to check them before contacting us.

Match Watching

  • Q.Will the game be held even if it rains?
    A.As a general rule, it will be held as usual. If it is canceled, we will inform you on the official homepage, etc.
  • Q.Are there seats that don't get wet in the rain?
    A.Ajinomoto Stadium has a partial roof, but depending on the front section, wind direction, and the strength of the rain, rain may blow in. We recommend bringing rain gear (raincoats).
  • Q.Are there wheelchair seats? How can I purchase tickets?
    A.We have wheelchair seats available. Seats are not available for advance reservation, so please purchase tickets for the desired viewing area (Main S or Home/Visitor General Admission) and come to the venue.

    Wheelchair Viewing・For Individuals with Disabilities
  • Q.Are there any services for people with disabilities?
    A.We have prepared wheelchair seats, magnetic loop seats, and parking spaces for people with disabilities who have a "Disability Certificate". However, please note that the number of seats is limited, so we may not be able to accommodate all requests if there are many applications.
    We do not offer discount services for elderly people.

    Wheelchair Viewing・For Individuals with Disabilities
  • Q.Can I bring food and drink or water bottles into the stadium?
    A.Food and PET bottles are allowed to be brought in (there is no specification for the size of PET bottles). Bottles and cans cannot be brought in, so please transfer them to paper cups at the entrance gate.
  • Q.Can I re-enter?
    A.The operational methods vary for each game, so please check the game information for each game.
  • Q.What time is the opening time?
    A.In the regular league matches, SOCIO gates open 2 hours and 15 minutes before kickoff, and general gates open 2 hours before kickoff as scheduled. However, there may be changes depending on the ticket sales situation. Please check the game information for each match.
  • Q.Is there a parking lot at the stadium?
    A.At FC Tokyo's home games, there is no parking available for general visitors. We kindly ask you to come by public transportation.
  • Q.Please tell me how to access the stadium.
    A.It is about a 5-minute walk from Tobitakyu Station on the Keio Line, the nearest station.

    Access Guide
  • Q.What should I do if I forget or find something during a match?
    A.On the day of the match, please come to the general information desk located on the concourse (main/back) or speak to a staff member nearby. If it is not a match day, please contact the Ajinomoto Stadium Disaster Prevention Center for inquiries.
    【TEL】042-440-0461(Reception hours: 9:30 AM to 6:15 PM)
    ※Please confirm the date you visited and contact us.
  • Q.Are there childcare facilities or nursing rooms? Can I bring or use a stroller?
    A.・FC Tokyo offers a nursery (childcare facility) for our customers. It is a temporary childcare service provided to ensure that customers with young children can enjoy the game with peace of mind. Reservations are required in advance.
    FC Tokyo Nursery
    ※Currently, it is suspended due to the perspective of preventing the spread of the novel coronavirus infection.

    ・We have prepared two nursing rooms in the main area and bag area of the venue. Our staff will guide you to each room, so please ask at the information desk.

    ・You can bring a baby stroller. If you bring it to your seat, please cooperate so as not to obstruct other seats or aisles. Alternatively, you can also leave it at each entrance gate, so please let the staff know if you prefer that option.
  • Q.Please tell me the event information on the day of the match.
    A.Event information for each match will be announced in the game information.

    Game Information


  • Q.How can I buy tickets? Please also tell me the release date and price.
    A.Tickets for FC Tokyo's home games can be purchased online.
    ・Internet is herePlease purchase from here.
    Please check here for release date and price.
  • Q.Please tell me which seat I purchased (which row and which number).
    A.You can check it on the Ajinomoto Stadium website.

    Ajinomoto Stadium Seating Guide
  • Q.Can I get a refund for purchasing the wrong ticket (date, seat type)?
    A.Refunds, exchanges, etc. are not accepted. Please purchase the correct ticket again.
  • Q.From what age do I need a ticket?
    A.Children who have not yet entered school do not need a ticket as long as they sit on their guardian's lap. If a person is older or if a child who has not yet entered school needs a seat, please purchase a ticket.
  • Q.Which seat type should visiting team fans and supporters purchase? Can they wear uniforms and merchandise?
    A.[Limited Matches]: Please check the ticket sales overview for each match.
    For more details, click here
    [Regular Matches] Fans and supporters of the visiting team, please purchase the following seat types.
    Reserved Seats: Main SS Reserved Seats [South Side], Main S Reserved Seats [South Side], General Admission: Visitor General Admission
    If you are in the visitor viewing area, you can wear the team uniform and merchandise. Please note that you cannot wear them in the FC Tokyo viewing area.
  • Q.Do you sell annual tickets (SOCIO)?
    A.FC Tokyo sells annual tickets that allow you to watch games throughout the season. If you wish to purchase, please follow the procedure below.
    ・To apply online, click here.
    ・Please apply for materials through the brochure here.
    ※We will inform you about the sale at home games on the News & Tickets page.
  • Q.I applied for an annual ticket (SOCIO), but I haven't received any emails, tickets, or benefits.
    A.Please contact the email address below.
    To: socio@fctokyo.co.jp
  • Q.Can I transfer or resell tickets to other people?
    A.Tickets purchased through 【FC Tokyo Tickets (J-League Tickets)】 can be used for 【transfer/distribution】 or 【official resale】. (Official resale does not include discount tickets or invitation tickets)
    Resale is available until 【23:59 the day before the match】, and transfer is available until 【kickoff on the day of the match】.
    You can proceed with the procedure from "Ticket List/QR Issuance" in the "FC Tokyo Ticket" section.
    Click here to proceed with the procedure.
  • Q.How can I purchase group tickets?
    A.If you wish to purchase 30 or more tickets, you can purchase them as a group.

    Group Tickets
  • Q.Are tickets available for corporations?
    A.FC Tokyo sells "Corporate Annual Tickets". Please use them for company and workplace welfare, as well as for building relationships with business partners.

    Corporate Menu Guide


  • Q.Is there a fan club?
    A.Join the "FC TOKYO OFFICIAL MEMBERSHIP" and support us while having fun. Choose from 4 courses: U-18, Regular, Big Frames, and Big Frames Premium, according to your age and desired benefits.
    ※The Big Frame Premium is limited to a certain number of people, and once the capacity is reached, the reception will be closed.


  • Q.Please tell me how to join FC TOKYO OFFICIAL MEMBERSHIP.
    Can I use the benefits (discounted purchase, ticket exchange, etc.) immediately after joining?
    A. If you wish to join FC TOKYO OFFICIAL MEMBERSHIP, please follow the steps below.
    ・Membership registration from the web is here

    Each benefit can be used from the time the membership card arrives at your hand. Please note that it takes about 2 weeks for the membership card and membership benefits to arrive after joining. Please understand in advance.
  • Q.I applied for FC TOKYO OFFICIAL MEMBERSHIP, but I have not received any emails, membership cards, or benefits.
    A.Please contact us at the following:
    (Tue-Fri (Weekdays) 10:00-17:00)
  • Q.What can you do with a J.League ID?
    A.You can receive club information by email, and it will be easier to purchase J-League tickets and make purchases at the J-League online store.


  • Q.Where is the practice field located?
    A.Practice will be held at Kodaira Ground (3-14-1 Onuma-cho, Kodaira City, Tokyo).
    ※There is no parking lot, so please be sure to use public transportation. Please refrain from parking, illegal parking, and street parking in the vicinity of nearby stores and facilities, as it will cause inconvenience to nearby residents and nearby stores.

    Training Ground
  • Q.Can I observe practice sessions?
    A.In principle, it is possible to observe. However, depending on the training content, it may be closed to the public. Please check the training schedule.
    ※Currently, we are not conducting visits as a measure against the new coronavirus infection.
  • Q.Can I get autographs from players or take photos with them?
    A.After the end of practice, we will have a meet and greet with the fans and supporters. At FC Tokyo, we consider this time of interaction to be a valuable opportunity, so we ask for your understanding of manners and rules and for your cooperation.
    ※There may be cases where the content of interaction is limited or canceled suddenly on the day due to weather, transportation, coverage response, event participation, and other circumstances.
  • Q.Is there practice even in bad weather?
    A.In principle, practice will be conducted regardless of the weather. However, depending on the situation, the time, location, and interaction with fans and supporters may be subject to change.
  • Q.What should I do if I forget or find something during a practice visit?
    A.If you have lost something, it may be kept by FC Tokyo or the designated administrator. Please contact FC Tokyo. If you find something, please inform the staff near the practice field.
  • Q.Can I send fan letters or presents?
    A.Please send fan letters and gifts to the address below. However, please note that we do not accept food items due to hygiene reasons.
    3-14-1 Onuma-cho, Kodaira-shi, Tokyo 187-0001
    FC Tokyo Kodaira Ground ○○ Player Addressed
  • Q.Please tell us about the programs and magazines that the players appear in or are featured in.
    A.For media information regarding player appearances, we will notify you through the News Media.


  • Q.Do you conduct selections for playing in the FC Tokyo Academy?
    A.The details of the selection schedule and application method will be announced on the Academy page about one month before the event.
    Estimated Event Period
    ・Soccer School Advanced Class Selection → February to March
    ・U-18 Selection → May to June
    ・U-15 Selection → August to November
  • Q.Please tell me the schedule of FC Tokyo U-18 and U-15 Fukagawa and Musashi matches.
    A.Please refer to each page of the academy for the schedule, location, etc. of each tournament.
    U-18 Match Schedule and Results
    U-15 Fukagawa Match Schedule and Results List
    U-15 Musashi Match Schedule and Results List
  • Q.Can I observe the FC Tokyo U-18 and U-15 Fukagawa and Musashi practices?
    A.The availability of practice observation varies depending on the team.
    ・U-18 Due to facility constraints, viewing is not possible.
    ・U-15 Fukagawa practice at Fukagawa Ground is open to the public. Please check the training schedule.
    ・Due to the circumstances of the U-15 Musashi facility, it is not possible to visit.


  • Q.I want to join the soccer and futsal school, what should I do?
    A.School enrollment follows the process of "Free trial application → Trial school → Enrollment application".
    First, please participate in a trial school (free) at your desired venue and experience the benefits of FC Tokyo Soccer School and Futsal School.

    Details and Application for School Experience
    Q&A about the School
  • Q.Do you hold classes even in case of rain at the soccer and futsal school?
    A.In general, the school will proceed with classes even in light rain. However, we will make a comprehensive judgment including factors such as rainfall, temperature, and pitch conditions, and if we determine that safety cannot be ensured, we will cancel classes.
    The final decision on whether the event will be held or not will be made one hour before the start time of each course, as a general rule.

    Latest School Event Information


  • Q.Where can I buy FC Tokyo merchandise?
    A.Official merchandise can be purchased at the merchandise store inside the venue during home games. You can also purchase them at the official online shop or at the official shops (7 stores in Tokyo) at all times.

  • Q.Can I exchange, return, or cancel purchased goods?
    A.We generally do not accept exchanges, returns, or cancellations due to customer convenience.
    If you have any defective items or other issues, please bring the purchased product and receipt to the store where you made the purchase and contact them directly.



  • Q.Is it possible to receive a street lamp flag (banner flag)?
    A.If you wish to display FC Tokyo streetlight flags as a collective decision of organizations such as shopping districts and neighborhood associations that support FC Tokyo, please contact the person in charge and we will provide the flags for a certain period of time in exchange for displaying them.
    Note: We cannot provide flags to individual stores or individuals.
  • Q.I saw street lamp flags (banner flags) that were loose or torn.
    A.Please inform the FC Tokyo Promotion Department of the relevant municipality name or area and the status of the flag. The ownership of streetlights varies in each area, so the replacement of the new flag will be implemented after consultation with the owner.
  • Q.Can players and staff visit schools, kindergartens, welfare facilities, etc.?
    A.Regarding the municipalities and organizations that support FC Tokyo on a regular basis, we are considering visits after confirming the schedule and details.
    Please note that we do not accept individual or group requests, so please understand.
  • Q.Can players and staff participate in local events with TOKYO DOROMPA?
    A.We are considering participating in events organized by local governments, organizations, and shopping districts that support FC Tokyo on a regular basis, after confirming the schedule and details.
    Please note that we do not accept individual or group requests, so please understand.
  • Q.Can I get a poster for game announcements to put up in stores, etc.?
    A.FC Tokyo is recruiting fans and supporters who can help with the posting of game announcement posters as members of the "Ajinomoto Stadium Filling Squad". Please register for the "Ajinomoto Stadium Filling Squad" and receive the posters at home games.
    ※Implementation will be announced in the News Club. Held irregularly.
  • Q.I live in Tokyo, are there any invitation plans for my hometown?
    A.We periodically implement invitation and special treatment plans in collaboration with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and various local governments. The target matches and implementation details may vary depending on your place of residence, so please check in your local area.
    ※There may be no home town invitation or special offer plans depending on the region.


  • Q.Can we use FC Tokyo's logo, player photos, and Tokyo Dorompa illustrations?
    A.The copyright and portrait rights of the photos, images, texts, etc. used by FC Tokyo belong to FC Tokyo or its agents, the Japan Professional Football League, PIA Corporation, J.League Media Promotion Inc., J.League Marketing Inc., J.League Data Center, J-STATS Opta, and their affiliated organizations. Unauthorized use, reproduction, or transfer is prohibited.

    About Copyright
  • Q.What sponsorship options are available for becoming a club sponsor?
    A.We are recruiting club sponsors who support FC Tokyo's activities. We will propose various menus according to your requests, so please refer to the following club sponsor guide.
    In addition, we are also recruiting companies to sponsor the "Youth Watching and Transportation Bus Tour" as part of our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities. Please take a look.

    Club Sponsor Information *Currently Under Preparation
    Support for U-4 Boys and Girls Watching Shuttle Bus Tours
  • Q.Are you hiring staff at FC Tokyo?
    A.We do not have regular employee recruitment. However, we may recruit when additional staff is needed.
  • Q.Does FC Tokyo offer internships?
    A.We do not accept individual requests. However, we may implement them for each affiliated university or vocational school.
  • Q.Do you accept workplace visits?
    A.We will consider it after confirming the schedule and details. Please note that we are unable to accept workplace internships that span multiple days. Thank you for your understanding.