Supporting the strengthening of FC Tokyo Academy individually
Nurturing players who will fly to the top team and overseas!

FC Tokyo believes that strengthening the academy will directly contribute to the success of the top team. The funds contributed will be used to purchase the latest training equipment, recruit higher-level staff, and cover expenses for tournaments and trips.
Become a FC TOKYO ACADEMY SUPPORTER and support the growth of our academy players.

About Academy

  • Training Training Match

    We aim to have a "balance of offense and defense, high skill and decision-making level, and individuality" as the image of our top team players, and we strive for hard training every day. We also conduct training matches with other teams to gain practical experience.

  • Game

    They are participating in league matches and national tournaments in order to acquire a "winning mentality" that can also be used in the top team, and to deepen their understanding of a soccer style that dominates both offense and defense, aiming for a higher level stage.

  • Overseas Expedition

    We have an annual overseas expedition as an opportunity to gain international experience and experience different soccer styles. Through matches and exchanges with overseas clubs, we are stimulated and our perspective as soccer players expands.

Academy Director's Comment

Let's create a new future for FC Tokyo together

Satoru ASARI Academy Director

Thank you for always supporting our academy activities.
We always strive to have the blue and red mindset and never give up on our goal.
We are working hard every day to develop players who can make Tokyo passionate.

We believe that the growth of the academy will be the foundation of FC Tokyo and we will always challenge ourselves to move forward.
We hope that you will continue to pay attention to FC Tokyo Academy in the future.

Satoru ASARI

Academy-trained rising stars

    U-15 Musashi, U-18 graduate
  • Tsubasa TERAYAMAMF
    U-15 Musashi, U-18 graduate
  • Ryunosuke SATOMF
    U-15 Musashi, U-18 graduate
    U-15 Fukagawa, U-18 graduate
  • Teppei OKADF
    U-15 Fukagawa, U-18 graduate
  • Kanta DOIDF
    U-15 Musashi, U-18 graduate


Supporter's Name

As proof of being an ACADEMY SUPPORTER, we will list your name on our website.

  • Nickname allowed
  • Only for those who wish to participate
Member Exclusive Email Delivery

Delivering the latest academy schedule and behind-the-scenes of the team that cannot be seen normally.

  • Scheduled to be delivered about once a month
  • Distribution is scheduled to be delivered at the end of each month starting in May.
Certificate of Appreciation
We will send a certificate of appreciation from the club as a thank you for your support.
Original Goods

We will send you exclusive ACADEMY SUPPORTER limited goods that can only be obtained here.

  • We are planning to have a bag tag.
  • Product design and specifications are subject to change without notice. Please note in advance.
Watching the game from a special seat

You can watch the game from special seats at the Academy official match.

  • We will inform you separately about the target match.
  • If the capacity is reached, there may be a lottery. Please understand in advance.
Photo shoot with U-18 players
Photoshoots and other activities will be conducted with academy players and ACADEMY SUPPORTERS.

  • The event date will be announced separately.
Presentation of Academy Uniform

Presenting the uniform worn by academy players as a gift. This rare item is only available here as it is not for sale.

  • Size and type cannot be selected.

Price List (incl. tax)

  • Benefits / Amount
  • 50 million yen
  • 30 million yen
  • 10100,000 yen
Supporter's Name
Newsletter Delivery
(Approximately once a month)
Presentation of Certificate of Appreciation
Original Goods
Watching the game from a special seat
5 games
3 games
1 match
Photo shoot with players
Uniform Presentation
  • Email newsletter will be delivered to the email address registered with J-League ID, so please register a valid email address for receiving.
  • Please set your permission to receive emails from FC Tokyo.
  • For first-time members, we plan to send a letter of appreciation and original goods around early June.
  • Regarding watching academy matches in special seats, we will inform only members separately. Due to the circumstances of the match venue, there is a possibility that we will inform you by lottery.
  • You cannot choose the size or type of academy uniform.
  • Please note that depending on the timing of your membership, there is a possibility that you may not be able to fully utilize all benefits and membership rights. Thank you for your understanding.

Application Process

  • STEP 01

    Enter necessary information from dedicated form
    • Multiple applications are not allowed. Only one course can be applied for.
    • The reception period will be until November 30th (Sat).
    • Membership expiration date is January 31, 2025 (Friday).

    Agreement to Membership Terms Please enter the necessary information in the dedicated form after agreeing to the Membership Terms.

    • When registering for a J.League ID, please be sure to set FC Tokyo as your favorite club.
  • STEP 02

    Confirm Invoice

    After confirming your application details at FC Tokyo, we will send an invoice to the registered email address within 2 weeks. Please check it.

  • STEP 03


    Please make a payment to the designated account within 2 weeks after checking the invoice.

    ※The transfer fee will be borne by the customer.

  • STEP 04


    After confirming the deposit at FC Tokyo, we will send you the benefits.


Supporter Name

  • Minori Izumi
  • Ichimura Yoshinobu
  • Eri
  • Kubota Takuma
  • Kobayashi
  • Shinichi TAKANO
  • Tatsuko
  • Hiroshi NAKAGAWA
  • Spring
  • Machiko
  • Kuniichi MATSUMOTO
  • Yoko
  • Kaz Lutece OMORI

※Omitted honorifics ※In alphabetical order
※Names are only listed for those who have requested it.

※As of July 1, 2024

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