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School Features

Fostering "skill" improvement and "heart"

To improve the technical skills of soccer, we will provide individualized instruction based on each person's level. Through soccer, we will foster a caring heart for teammates and a never-give-up attitude.


Guidance by former J.League players and experienced professional coaches

Professional coaches with JFA* certified coaching licenses will convey the joy of soccer and provide instruction on fundamental techniques and tactics tailored to each individual.
*JFA...Japan Football Association Public Interest Incorporated Foundation


Anyone can learn soccer in this environment

We provide careful instruction tailored to each individual's level, so even those without experience in soccer can learn with peace of mind.
Classes for women and special education classes are also available, providing an environment where many people can enjoy soccer.

Top classes leading to the academy

In the "Advanced Class" and "Selected Class", which are the top classes for the junior generation, FC Tokyo Academy's U-15 Fukagawa and U-15 Musashi, as well as future professional players who aim to play for FC Tokyo's top team, will receive instruction focused on individual development.

Detailed coaching content in line with FC Tokyo's football philosophy

We establish coaching policies in line with the same football philosophy as the top team and academy, and provide detailed instruction tailored to the individuality and level of the children.

Promote the growth of children's hearts

We will use the slogan "AoaKa Kids' Principles (Greetings, Consideration, Never Give Up, Gratitude)" to encourage the growth of children's hearts so that they can start moving on their own.

Blue and Red Kids' Knowledge

Introduction to Futsal School

Futsal is a sport that uses a small, difficult-to-bounce ball and utilizes the space above and below to improve footwork skills. It also has a fast cycle of offense and defense, and develops intelligence that can be applied to soccer by simultaneously engaging in the battle for space, ball, and goal.
We are challenging the JFA All Japan U-12 Futsal Championship (also known as the Vermont Cup) with teams registered with 3rd graders or above in the Futsal School.
By working towards the goal with teammates for the Vermont Cup, further self-growth can be expected.

*Team registration...Due to limited team registration numbers, members are selected through a selection process.

*Vermont Cup... JFA (Japan Football Association) sponsored national futsal tournament where many elementary school students from all over the country participate every year.


Introduction to Girls and Ladies Class, exclusively for women

Girls class for elementary school students (1st to 6th grade), ladies class for junior high school students and above, children to adults, can learn basic soccer techniques and tactics while having fun with only girls and women.


Introduction to Aozora School

This is a class for elementary school students attending special needs classes, where the places to exercise in daily life are limited. We provide opportunities for children to experience the fun of kicking a ball and moving their bodies. The coaching staff, who have experience in coaching for people with disabilities, provide guidance with careful consideration.

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