This page contains information about matches that do not have attendance restrictions.

For ticket sales details, please refer to the "Ticket Information" section in the game information of each match.
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Ticket exchange fee, shipping fee, and system usage fee may be charged separately.

  • This is the official ticket sales site of FC Tokyo.
    SOCIO Club Support Members are not charged any fees (system usage fees, ticket issuance fees).
    You can also purchase tickets on the pre-sale date for members. Even if you are not a SOCIO or Club Support member, you can use it if you obtain a J-League ID. (Registration is free)

    ※No fees (system usage fee, ticketing fee) will be charged for credit card payment and QR ticket issuance.

※Please note that the reception period will end early when purchasing tickets on the homepage of each play guide, as a delivery period is required. Please check at the time of purchase.


Some seats may not be available for sale depending on the ticket sales situation.

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