At FC Tokyo, we offer corporate menus that can be used for internal welfare, building relationships with business partners, and CSR activities through immersive soccer watching experiences at the stadium.

If used as welfare benefits and sales tools

2024 Season Seat Operations

  1. You can watch 8 home games of the J1 League after the Fukuoka match on June 30th (Sun) from the same seat.

    ・Seats will be assigned in advance for the 8 home games of the J1 League after the Fukuoka match on June 30th, allowing you to watch from the same seat.

    ・Please select your desired seat type and area (only for some eligible seat types) when applying, and the club will make the final decision.

    ・Please note that seat selection is not available.

    ・You can enter with the advance viewing ticket that we will send you.

    ※After the Fukuoka match on June 30th (Sunday), seat changes and cancellations during the season are not possible as they will be for the purchase of 8 home games in the J1 league.

    ※Due to the schedule announcement, spectator tickets are planned to be sent in multiple shipments.

    ※We will inform you of the details as soon as they are decided if the event is held at a venue other than Ajinomoto Stadium.

Target Match

Meiji Yasuda J1 League 8 matches

※Matches held after the Fukuoka game on June 30th will be eligible for FC Tokyo's home games (6 at Ajinomoto Stadium and 2 at Japan National Stadium).

Ticket Types and Prices

[Ajinomoto Stadium Seating Chart]

Price List
Main SSS Reserved Seat, SS Reserved Seat, S Reserved Seat
Back center reserved seat / Back reserved seat
・Regarding the application for pair seats
Currently on the waiting list for cancellation.
If you wish to be placed on the waiting list, please indicate in the "Remarks" section when applying.
・Main SS reserved seat, Main S reserved seat, Back Center reserved seat,
Back reserved seat accepts area selection preferences.
④, ⑧, and ⑪ are areas close to the pitch where you can experience the excitement of the game.
①②③⑦, ⑨⑩⑫⑬ are areas with a low possibility of getting wet in the rain.
  • Please note that there may be cases where we cannot accommodate your request due to limited seating capacity, so please understand in advance.

Purchase Benefits

Common Benefits

  • Priority Entry for Home Games
    We will start the admission earlier than general visitors.

    ※Priority admission may not be implemented in restricted matches.

  • Priority Ticket Purchase
    You can purchase priority tickets for games that are not eligible for second half corporate annual tickets.

    ※Details will be provided separately. There may be cases where it will not be implemented due to schedule and other circumstances.

  • Company Name Listing on Official Website
    We will display the company name on the FC Tokyo official website.

    ※Only if desired

Reserved Seat Benefits

  • Ajinomoto Stadium Annual Parking Pass
    This is a parking permit that can be used at Ajinomoto Stadium.
    Price: 20,000 yen (tax included) / 1 set

    ※One set purchase available for the purchase of 2 designated seats

※In addition, we plan to implement special invitation plans and preferential plans for specific matches. We will inform you of the details as soon as they are determined.

Application Method

  1. Application

    Apply here

    ※If you do not receive a completion email, there may be cases where the procedure has not been completed successfully, so please contact us.

  2. Delivery of Match Tickets

    Tickets for the second half of the corporate annual ticket will be delivered to your registered address.

    • Tickets will be sent in multiple shipments.
    • Depending on the application period, tickets may be shipped just before the game.
  3. Payment

    We will enclose an invoice with the first ticket shipment. Please make the payment by the specified deadline.

    ※Please bear the payment handling fee at your company.


  • - Cancellations after completion of application cannot be accepted.
  • - Please note that we cannot be held responsible for any issues related to the transfer or loss of game tickets or parking permits. Thank you for your understanding.
  • ・In the corporate annual ticket, there is no handling of Back Center UF designated seats and Back UF designated seats. If you wish to have an annual ticket for Back Center UF designated seats and Back UF designated seats, please consider applying to FC Tokyo SOCIO.
    ※This is a personal annual ticket, so the operation, benefits, payment methods, etc. are different.
  • ・For other notes, please check the FC Tokyo Official Website.

Corporate Annual Ticket Purchasing Companies

If used as a CSR activity...

2024 Kids Dream Tour in Ajinomoto
Sponsorship Information
~Available as part of your CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities!~

  • 1. Purpose

    This is a project to invite boys and girls who love soccer to FC Tokyo's home games by bus, and we would like to ask for your sponsorship.

  • 2. Match Schedule

    We will operate during the league match held at Ajinomoto Stadium.

  • 3. Number of Invited Guests

    Approximately 50 people per bus (including the number of participating boys and girls and accompanying parents).

  • 4. Invited Participants

    This is for boys and girls soccer teams, elementary school groups, and children's clubs residing (or operating) in Tokyo. The recruitment of invited groups is generally conducted by our club, but it is also possible to recruit groups by sponsoring companies or organizations, so please consult with us.

  • 5. Benefits for Sponsor Companies
    • (1) On the day of operation, we will announce your company name at the venue.
    • (2) Your company name will be featured in the matchday program throughout the year.
    • (3) We will provide up to 10 reserved seat tickets on the day of operation.
    • (4) We will distribute papers with your company name and logo printed on them to the tour participants.
    • (5) Please consult with us as it is possible to distribute your company's flyers, advertisements, or trial products and souvenirs to tour participants.
  • 6. Sponsorship Fee

    Sponsorship 1
    ・・・・・・・・300,000 yen(tax included)


  • After applying, we will contact you by email within 3 business days to confirm your application completion.
    In the unlikely event that you do not receive an email, please contact us as your application may not have been completed successfully.
  • Regarding the sponsorship fee, we will invoice you after the bus operation.

List of Sponsors for Youth Spectator Shuttle Bus Tours

Mitsumichi, Shinagawa-shuku Aomono-yokocho Shopping Street, Talent List, NAVI Trading Japan

About Personal Information

We will use your personal information at our club for the purpose of promoting sports activities mainly focused on soccer, as well as related services and providing information about FC Tokyo.

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