Stadium access may vary depending on the game.
Please note that it is subject to change.
Please see 'Access' in the game information for each match.

Game information for each match is available here!

Please refrain from using nearby parking lots and kindly use public transportation to visit.

Map of Ajinomoto Stadium Area

Ajinomoto Stadium Bicycle and Motorcycle Parking Map

Regarding the use of the bicycle parking area, please note that it may be subject to changes depending on the match.
Please see 'Access' in the game information for each match.

Game information for each match is available here!

Regarding the use of bicycles after the match

  • (1) Near the Ajinomoto Stadium Pedestrian Deck
    Pedestrian deck in front of the stadium~ The pedestrian bridge towards Tobitakyu Station gets crowded with pedestrians, so bicycles are not allowed on the bridge until the number of pedestrians decreases after the end of the game (approximately 2 hours). Please understand in advance.
    • You cannot use a pedestrian bridge even when pushing a bicycle.
  • (2) Regarding the Ajinomoto Stadium east side road after the match
    To alleviate congestion of cyclists and pedestrians on the east side road of Ajinomoto Stadium after the game, please use separate routes for pedestrians and cyclists.
    • You cannot enter Musashino Mori Park during night games.
    • After the match, staff members will provide guidance on "pedestrian routes" and "bicycle routes" at the venue.
    • Bicycle users are requested to dismount their bicycles before reaching the Tenmondai Street for safety reasons.
    • Immediately after the end of the match, there is a mixture of people riding bicycles within the "bicycle route" and people walking to retrieve their bicycles. Please consider those who are walking to the bicycle parking area and if it is determined that cycling is dangerous, please get off the bicycle and walk. Thank you for your cooperation.
    • We apologize for any inconvenience caused to motorcycle users who intersect with pedestrian routes and pathways. We kindly ask for your understanding and cooperation.

Ajinomoto Stadium Access

Estimated Time by Access
From Shinjuku Station to Tobitakyu Station on the Keio Line

(In case of temporary stop at Tobitakyu Station)

Express approximately 20 minutes

  • Please note that all times are approximate and may be subject to significant changes due to various circumstances related to transportation (such as traffic congestion).
Railway Route Map