LINE Mini App Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Effective Date: January 31, 2023
Tokyo Football Club Co., Ltd.
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Tokyo Football Club Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "J Club") will handle the personal information of users based on the Privacy Policy, J.League ID Terms of Use, and the Privacy Policy set forth below (hereinafter referred to as "this Policy") regarding the LINE app service provided by J Club (hereinafter referred to as "the Service").

  1. Acquiring User Information
    J Club will obtain the following information from users of this service (including personal information, hereinafter referred to as "user information").
    1. User identifier for LINE account
    2. Location information (However, J clubs will only obtain location information if the user is within 500 meters of the center of the stadium where this service is used.)
    3. Terminal Information
    4. IP Address
    5. Access Log for this Service
    6. Other information about users designated by J clubs
  2. Purpose of Use of User Information
    J Club will use the acquired user information for the following purposes at the Japan Professional Football League (hereinafter referred to as "J League") and J Club:
    1. For important notifications such as the provision of J-League products and services, changes to related terms and conditions, and contact information.
    2. To develop, provide, maintain, and improve the products, services, and other login services of J Club, as well as those of J League partners or J Club partners (hereinafter referred to as "partners").
    3. Development, distribution, and confirmation of results of advertisements for J.League products, services, and other login service providers and partners' products and services.
    4. For personal verification and authentication services
    5. For conducting surveys, prizes, and campaigns
    6. For marketing research, statistics, and analysis
    7. For system maintenance and responding to inquiries from users
    8. To prevent any potential misconduct or illegal activities
    9. To enforce the terms of use for J League clubs
    10. In addition, for the purposes specified by the J.League and each J.Club in their respective services.
  3. Third Party Provision of User Information
    J League may provide user information to third parties in the following cases:
    1. If the user agrees to use this service,
      J League may provide user information to third-party companies, organizations, or individuals with the user's consent.
    2. Provision to subcontractors
      J Club may provide services to third parties who act as agents for J Club, such as data analysis, email delivery, hosting services, and customer service, as well as third parties who support J League's marketing.
    3. Providing to Partners
      For the purposes set forth in Article 2 or 5, user information may be provided to partners.
    4. Providing to LINE
      For the purpose of providing this service, we may provide some user information to LINE Corporation.
    5. Provision to Japan Football Association and Football Association Group
      Provision to Japan Football Association and Football Association Group for the following purposes
      Provision of information related to services provided by Japan Football Association and Football Association Group
      Marketing research, statistics, analysis
    6. Provision to Third-Party Advertisers
      J League may provide third-party advertisers (hereinafter referred to as "third-party advertisers") with (i) specific technical information (including IP addresses), (ii) non-identifiable statistical information, and (iii) information on the use of non-identifiable services. Users agree that J League or third-party advertisers may use such information for user trend analysis, demographic analysis, web analysis, and for targeted advertising to users.
    7. Legal Reasons
      In the user's country of residence or abroad, there may be cases where J Club needs to disclose user information based on laws, regulations, legal procedures, or requests from public or government agencies. J Club may disclose user information if it is deemed reasonably necessary for the enforcement of J Club's terms of use, the operation of J League or J Club, or the protection of users, based on laws and regulations.
    8. Sale or Merger
      In the event of organizational restructuring, merger, or transfer, J.League may transfer all or part of the user information acquired by the J.League to relevant parties.
  4. Shared Use of User Information
    J League may share user information as specified in the following items.
    1. Scope of shared use
      J League and J Clubs
    2. Shared information items
      Information for each item (user information)
    3. Purpose of Joint Use
      For the purpose of 2 and provision of J Club's products and services
    4. Shared Use Manager
      J Club
  5. Revision
    J clubs may revise all or part of this privacy policy. We will notify you of any significant changes.
  • Supplementary Provisions
    Matters not specified in this Privacy Policy shall be governed by the "Privacy Policy".