Promotional Activities

FC Tokyo Promotional Activities

Soccer School

There are approximately 4,300 children enrolled in soccer schools held at 21 locations in Tokyo (including 6 schools with staff dispatch). We promote the personal growth of children through soccer and engage in activities such as watching top team matches and events.

Futsal School

At the futsal school, we cultivate not only technical and tactical skills, but also the ability to observe opponents and develop individual strengths to overcome situations. We learn how to apply futsal techniques to soccer and help football players grow significantly, both as athletes and as individuals.

Soccer Clinic

In response to the requests of local soccer associations and municipalities, we hold soccer classes mainly for elementary and junior high school students. Last year, we conducted classes not only in Tokyo, including the island areas of Aogashima, Shikinejima, and Miyakejima, but also in Miyazaki City and Ebino City, which are camp sites.

Goalkeeper Clinic

We conduct clinics to convey the greatness and enjoyment of being a goalkeeper, as well as to help individuals grow in the specialized position that requires specific skills.

Caravan Team

A system that supports classes and extracurricular activities through soccer instruction at elementary schools in Tokyo at the request of each board of education. We not only visit elementary schools to convey the enjoyment of soccer, but also provide guidance to encourage students to think and act on their own.

Kids Tour

We are collaborating with the Tokyo Football Association to implement activities in nurseries and kindergartens throughout Tokyo to convey the joy of moving the body through soccer during childcare.

Nadeshiko Hiroba

We provide a "place" and "time" where women from children to adults can easily start, enjoy, and continue playing soccer and futsal. This is a project promoted by the Japan Football Association to promote the spread of women's soccer.

Soccer Class for Children with Disabilities

To ensure that as many children as possible can grow up happily and energetically through soccer, we hold soccer classes for children with intellectual disabilities. We offer school programs at FC Tokyo Park Fuchu.

Kids Match

Before the home games at Ajinomoto Stadium, Sieg Corporation collaborates to hold a "Kids Match". Junior teams and school students from Tokyo play energetically on the same pitch as professional players.

Adult Soccer and Futsal Class

This is an activity aimed at adults to not only watch sports but also play them in order to deepen interaction and understanding. The circle of participants has been expanding year by year, and last year, a total of 2,300 people participated.

Let's play soccer together!

At the "Aojaka Yokochō" held at the south side plaza (Aji Panda Plaza) during home games of the league held at Ajinomoto Stadium, we are conducting soccer experiences with the people who gather on that day.

Coaching Seminar

We conduct workshops and study sessions on training methods targeting local leaders in collaboration with the Tokyo Football Association. We also hold workshops for obtaining coaching licenses certified by the Japan Football Association, and are committed to developing coaches.

Promotional Activities

FC Tokyo has been certified as a "JFA Grassroots Promotion and Support Partner," becoming the first J.League club to support the JFA Grassroots Declaration and promote the improvement of grassroots football.

FC Tokyo's Grassroots Declaration
Through soccer, we convey the joy of sports, nurture people, and foster dreams.
Increase activities that are surrounded by the smiles of teammates and energize Tokyo.
Certification Period
April 1, 2022 - March 31, 2023
About JFA "Grassroots Declaration"
"Football For All. Making soccer more accessible to everyone."
※ Please check the official website of the Japan Football Association for more details.