Company Overview

Company Name

Tokyo Football Club Co., Ltd.


October 1, 1998 (Tokyo Citizens' Day)

Main Business

  • Professional soccer team "FC Tokyo"
    (Joined J.League Division 2 since 1999) operation
  • Soccer School and Soccer Promotional Activities
  • Production and sale of team's original goods


[Chofu Office]
1-2-3 Shimoishihara, Chofu City, Tokyo TSO Building
【TEL】 042-444-2630
[Fukagawa Ground]
2-15-10 Sarue, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0003, Japan
[Kodaira Ground]
3-14-1 Onuma-cho, Kodaira-shi, Tokyo Gas Musashino Garden


1,762,000,000 yen


  1. Chairman of the Board of Directors
    Naoki Oogane
  2. Representative Director and President
    Shigeya Kawagishi
  3. Director
    Yuko SUZUKI
  4. Director
    Yumiko Yatsuo (Tokyo Gas)
  5. Director
    Hideo Yokoyama (SHIMIZU CORPORATION)
  6. Director
    Kunihiro Motoyuan (Mitsubishi Corporation)
  7. Director
    Tsutomu Mano (Tokyo Kiraboshi Financial Group, Inc.)
  8. Director
    Motoyasu Nozaki (MITSUI & CO.,LTD)
  9. Director
    Hiroyuki Ohsawa (MIXI)
  10. Director
    Yamamoto Shuhei (MIXI)
  11. Director
  12. Full-time Auditor
    Tetsuro Inamori
  13. Auditor
    KinGo Sakashita (Mizuho Bank, Ltd.)
  14. Auditor
    Haruhiko Kobayashi (The Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry)

FC Tokyo's Basic Philosophy

We aim to systematically promote the realization of the following principles through the cooperation of local communities, government, and businesses, and strive to create a truly "community-based J-League club for the citizens" from a long-term perspective.

  • Contribute to the healthy physical and mental development of young people and the promotion of the health and joy of citizens through soccer, and contribute to the promotion of sports culture and ultimately the development of the local community, international exchange, and friendship.
  • In the future, we aim to create a club that focuses on "lifelong sports" with the goal of contributing to the local community in both competitive sports and recreational fields, including sports other than soccer. We will base this on the organization of J-League clubs and work towards its development and expansion.
  • To cultivate a soccer team that is suitable for Tokyo, the symbol of the citizens and gives dreams to young people, to create many fans among the citizens, and to contribute to the fostering of a sense of solidarity among the citizens (a sense of belonging to the local community) and the revitalization of the local community.
  • We strive to collaborate and cooperate with schools and local communities, focusing on soccer clinics, soccer schools, and various events, and make efforts to provide soccer instruction and promote activities for soccer among young people and citizens of all ages.