Membership Process

Membership Process

Free Trial ~ Join Now

At FC Tokyo Soccer and Futsal School, all those considering joining will have the opportunity to participate in a trial session at the actual school.

※Please note that if you do not have a guardian accompanying you, you will not be able to participate in the experience.

※Staff dispatch schools are operated by a different entity from FC Tokyo, so please contact the operator directly.

  • STEP1

    Free Trial Application

    To experience the atmosphere and instruction of the venue and class, we offer a free trial.

  • STEP2

    Experience Date Selection

    If there are vacancies in the desired class, the office will contact you by phone or email.

  • STEP3

    Experience Day

    Experience participation in the venue and class.

  • STEP4


    Please follow the procedures according to the membership materials provided during the experience.

Please read the following for details on the membership process.

STEP 1Free Trial Registration

  • ▷Please check the desired venue in the venue list.
  • ▷Please check if there are any available slots or vacancies for the capacity.
  • Please enter the necessary information and send it from the experience application form.

STEP 2Experience Date Selection

  • ▷If there are vacancies in the desired school, we will contact you from the office.
    We will provide you with information about the experience day and explanation about the experience.
  • If there are no vacancies in the desired school, you will be placed on the waiting list for cancellations.
    We will inform you about the experience as soon as it is your turn.

STEP 3Experience Day

  • ▷You will participate in an actual school experience.
    Please experience the atmosphere and coaching content of the venue and class, and consider joining.

※Please note that it is necessary for a parent or guardian to accompany their child in order to observe the actual situation, as their insurance is not yet enrolled.

※Experience is limited to one class per person.

  • ・Please come to the school reception at the venue by 10 minutes before the start of the scheduled class, as we will explain the experience.
  • ・Please check the school telephone in advance as the decision to hold the school will be made one hour before the start of the class.
  • ・On the day, please bring a size 4 soccer ball (excluding some venues and junior youth classes), suitable clothing and shoes for exercise (some schools may not allow the use of spikes), a water bottle, a towel, and a change of clothes.
  • - Parents are encouraged to observe their children during the trial participation and consider joining.

※ After the experience is over, we will explain the procedures for the future, so please come back to the school reception desk again.

STEP 4Join

  • ▷Please apply for membership according to the materials provided during the experience.
    The information on the membership procedure is included in the materials provided during the experience.
  • ▷Please complete the membership procedure after reviewing each document.

※Membership will start from the month you participated in the experience or the following month.


Class Membership Fee Monthly Membership Fee
Kindergarten (U-4 ~ U-6)



※Only 8,800 yen for Kichijoji and Sendagaya schools

Junior (Elementary School and above)



※Only 9,900 yen for Kichijoji and Sendagaya schools

Selected Class



※The amount includes tax.

※A renewal fee of 7,700 yen (tax included) will be charged to each member when updating next year.

※Additional material fees are required at the time of enrollment.

Teaching materials cost

Required Gear
Piste Top
Piste Top
School Shirt
School Shirt


Only for those who wish to participate
School Pants
School Pants
Piste Pants
Piste Pants

※The amount includes tax.

※Prices may vary depending on size.

What FC Tokyo Soccer and Futsal School Can Do

  • 1. J-League Team School Exchange Match

    J.League Club School Exchange Match

    We will have a friendly match with students from other J-League teams, with our emblem on our chest.
    After the pre-season match, we can also support each other's top teams at the stadium! This is a unique event for J-League clubs.

  • 2. Host various events such as overseas and domestic expeditions, camps, and more!

    Overseas and domestic expeditions, camps, and various events are held!

    FC Tokyo organizes various events such as overseas expeditions for friendly matches, away support tours, watching and playing against J-League teams' school students, cultural experiences, and camps for skill improvement.

  • 3. Kids Match at Ajinomoto Stadium

    Kids Match at Ajinomoto Stadium

    Before the home game at Ajinomoto Stadium, we are conducting a "Kids Match" with the cooperation of Sieg Corporation. You can have a valuable experience playing on the same pitch as professional players.

    ※Only for second-year students

  • 4. Experience interacting with top team players!

    Experience interacting with top team players!

    At Ajinomoto Stadium's home game, players enter the field for warm-ups and have high-fives with each other, and they can also meet and interact with school students who are wearing the same emblem and cheering them on, creating a close and personal experience.



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