SOCIO Annual Ticket


At FC Tokyo, those who purchase annual tickets are registered as SOCIO.

  • ※SOCIO means "companion" in Spanish.

"Not just a season ticket holder, but a companion and partner of the club" With that in mind, FC Tokyo has continued to use this name.

Let's walk together as SOCIO in the second half of the 2024 season. We look forward to receiving your applications.

Annual ticket applications can be made here

What are second half season tickets?

  • Watch at a great deal!

    This ticket will allow you to watch all 8 home games of the second half of the 2024 season at the best price.

    The target match is here

  • No need to purchase tickets for each game!

    No need to purchase tickets for every game, your seat is secured!
    No need to rush to buy tickets (secure seats) even for games with expected high attendance!
    Just bring the QR code required for entry and go to the stadium!

  • Even if you can't attend the game, it won't be wasted thanks to the official resale system!

    List your annual tickets for games you can't attend, and if they are successfully resold, you will receive a refund for the ticket price!
    Don't let any games you can't watch go to waste by utilizing our official resale system!!

Ajinomoto Stadium Seating Chart

Ajinomoto Stadium Seating Chart

  • There are some areas that are not open due to sales conditions.
  • The standing area (behind the home goal lower tier) does not require standing.
    This is an area where you do not ask people who are standing to "please sit down".

Seats where you can support the visiting team while wearing visitor merchandise are "Main SS designated seats south side", "Main S designated seats south side", and "Visitor seats". All other seat types are designated as FC Tokyo supporter seats.

Ticket Prices for the Second Half of the Year

Ticket Price
※The application acceptance may end when the number of seats available for sale is reached.

<About the discount rate>
For the second half of the year, 8 home games will be eligible.
The discount rate will be based on the total amount of tickets purchased at the regular price for 8 games for each seat type.※Ticket prices vary for each game.

  • U-18: Under 18 years old (for those born on or after April 2, 2006)
  • U-12: For those under 12 years old (born on or after April 2, 2012)
  • Children who have not yet entered school do not need a ticket as long as they watch the game on their guardian's lap.

Notes on Application

①Seat Selection for Reserved Seats

Seat numbers can be specified when applying for reserved seat annual tickets.
Please select your desired seat and proceed with the purchase.

Seat selection is only available for seats at Ajinomoto Stadium.
The seating at Japan National Stadium will be allocated based on the seating at Ajinomoto Stadium.

The front seats on the National Stadium back stand side may have a partially obstructed view of the pitch due to the placement of signs along the side of the pitch. Please be aware of this when purchasing tickets.
We recommend purchasing seats in the back for an unobstructed view of the pitch.

If you are purchasing tickets with your family or acquaintances, we recommend that you operate on separate devices at the same time.
After selecting your desired seats, the seats will be reserved for 10 minutes. Please confirm that seats next to each other have been secured before completing your application.

②Digital device entry (without SOCIO card issuance) for 1,000 yen off

From the 2024 season, we will be transitioning to using QR code display on digital devices for admission. Please select whether you would like to receive a SOCIO card when applying.For those who can display a QR code on their digital device throughout the season, selecting "No SOCIO card required" when applying will result in a 1,000 yen discount off the total seat price.
If you are unable to display the QR code on a digital device, please do not select "No SOCIO card required" when applying and we will issue a SOCIO card for you.
Please note that the U-18 and U-12 ticket types do not have the option to select "No SOCIO card required" and a SOCIO card will be issued to everyone.

  • Please note that the previous SOCIO card of those who were subscribed to SOCIO cannot be used.
  • Those who have been issued a SOCIO card will receive a "card holder".
③About the "Limited Seats" Seat Type

Seats facing the aisle of each designated seat and front row seats are popular seats.
We will sell these seats as "limited seats" for an additional 2,500 yen on top of the price for each seat type.

  • You can check the seat type of those who purchased annual tickets for the 2023 season at My Page.
  • The seats at Ajinomoto Stadium in the front row and aisle side are designated as "limited seats".
    The seats at National Stadium will be assigned based on the seats at Ajinomoto Stadium, but due to differences in stadium shape, there is a possibility that they will not be the same conditions (even limited seats may not be in the front row or aisle side). Please be aware of this in advance.

Matches eligible for the second half of the year ticket

2024 Meiji Yasuda J1 League Home Games 8 Matches

Section Date of Event Kickoff Opponent Venue
21 June 30 (Sun) 18:30 Avispa Fukuoka Ajinomoto Stadium
23 Jul 13 (Sat) 19:00 Albirex Niigata Japan National Stadium
26 Aug 11 (Sun, holiday) 19:00 Kawasaki Frontale Ajinomoto Stadium
27 Aug 17 (Sat) 19:00 Verdy Ajinomoto Stadium
30 September 14 (Sat) or 15 (Sun) TBD Nagoya Grampus Japan National Stadium
33 October 5 (Sat) or 6 (Sun) TBD Sagan Tosu Ajinomoto Stadium
35 November 3 (Sunday)*1 TBD Shonan Bellmare Ajinomoto Stadium
38 Dec 8 (Sun) TBD Cerezo Osaka Ajinomoto Stadium

*1 Matches of clubs participating in the 2024 J.League YBC Levain Cup final will be held on either October 23 (Wed), October 30 (Wed), or November 6 (Wed).

  • We will inform you of the scheduled dates and kickoff times after September on the official homepage as soon as they are decided.
  • The Levain Cup and Emperor's Cup are not eligible.
  • For those who have purchased reserved season tickets, seats will be assigned in advance for home games held at the Japan National Stadium.
    Seats at the Japan National Stadium will also be assigned, so you can enter using the same method as for games held at Ajinomoto Stadium.
    Seats at the Japan National Stadium will be assigned based on the seats at Ajinomoto Stadium.
  • For those who have purchased an annual ticket for the home free seats, if the match is held at a stadium other than Ajinomoto Stadium, a separate ticket acquisition procedure will be required as the stadium layout will be different. As this is a match eligible for annual tickets, there will be no additional cost when acquiring tickets.
    Please note that refunds will not be possible in this case. We will inform you of the details of the entry method as soon as they are decided.

About various schedules

[Application Start Date]
  • May 9th (Thu) 15:00~ Application Reception Start
[Various Deadlines]
  • Introduction Benefit: Those who make a payment by 5/29 (Wed)
  • Early application benefit "+1 GAME ticket discount coupon present": Those who make payment by 6/9 (Sun)
[Delivery Time]
  • For those who have made a deposit during the period of 5/9 (Thu) 15:00 ~ 5/29 (Wed)
    We will start sending out the annual ticket set from late June. From the match against Avispa Fukuoka on 6/30 (Sun), you can enter with a QR code or SOCIO card on your digital device.
  • For those who make a deposit after 5/30 (Thu)
    We will hand over the full set of annual tickets at the home game venue after the Avispa Fukuoka match on 6/30 (Sun).
    Home games designated by the club can be entered through a separate method that will be announced.
  • If you make a payment after 5/30 (Thu), you may not be able to list the two official resale matches, Avispa Fukuoka on 6/30 (Sun) and Albirex Niigata on 7/13 (Sat).

Special Benefits for Purchasing Tickets for the Second Half of the Year

【Early Application Special Offer!!】+1GAME Ticket Discount Coupon Gift!!

During the second half of the year, when purchasing tickets for one of the two home games [6/16 (Sun) vs. Iwata, 6/26 (Wed) vs. Sapporo], you can use the "Ticket Discount Coupon" as a gift!!
Apply early and enjoy watching home games at a discounted price before the target match!!

◎Details of Special Coupon◎

  • This is a 2,000 yen discount coupon that can be used when purchasing tickets for either the 6/16 (Sun) Iwata match or the 6/26 (Wed) Sapporo match.
  • Coupon that can be used when purchasing 2 or more tickets.

◎Conditions for receiving special coupons◎

  • Those who apply and pay by 5/9 (Thu) to 6/9 (Sun)
  • Those who have answered the survey from the "Half-Year Ticket Purchaser Survey" in the "Payment Completed Email" after payment

◎How to receive special coupons◎

Please click on "Click here to receive ticket discount coupon benefits" displayed on the screen after completing the 【Second Half Year Ticket Purchaser Survey】 and receive the "lottery" via LINE.

  • LINE app is required to receive.
  • LINE will spin the "lottery", but a special coupon will be displayed to everyone.
  • Receiving coupons requires registration as a friend on the FC Tokyo official LINE account and linking with a J-League ID.
(2024SOCIO Membership Benefits) Receive a special "Original Pin Badge" with the new SOCIO logo!
  • The 2024 season, which will feature the new SOCIO logo, will present a special pin badge to all members who join regardless of their membership duration.
  • 20-year SOCIO members will receive a platinum-colored pin badge, while 10-year SOCIO members will receive a gold-colored pin badge.
※The image is for illustration purposes only.
(Introduction Benefit) Invitation to pitch-side seats! (Lottery)
  • We will invite the person who introduced the new SOCIO and the person who was introduced (1 pair, 2 people) to the pitch-side seats. (25 pairs, 50 people)
  • Introduction method: By May 29th (Wednesday), please have the "new applicant (person being introduced)" enter the introducer's SOCIO number and name in the "request field" and submit the application.
  • If you only enter your name, there may be cases where you cannot receive the introducer's benefits due to differences in kanji or other factors, so please be sure to enter your SOCIO number as well.
  • The announcement of the match and the winners will be replaced by the sending of invitations.
Implementation of SOCIO priority entry
  • SOCIO members will be allowed to enter earlier than general visitors. (Subject to change or not implemented depending on the game)
SOCIO Flag Bearer
  • You can enter with a SOCIO flag before the start of the home game.
  • There may be cases where recruitment is not conducted due to game or other circumstances.
Delivery of exclusive member articles
  • We will deliver articles (digital) exclusively for SOCIO and OFFICIAL MEMBERSHIP members online!
Sale of limited edition merchandise for SOCIO members
  • We will sell limited goods for SOCIO.
Priority sales of home game tickets and member price sales (up to 4 tickets per game/only for F.C.TOKYO Tickets)
  • You can purchase up to 4 home game tickets at member price per game.
  • Please refer to the ticket sales overview for the member price of each game.
    In addition, priority sales are planned for games that are not eligible for annual tickets.
You can purchase annual tickets in advance for the following year and beyond.
  • All designated seat holders will have priority to continue using the same seat in the 2025 season.
  • Please note that due to venue facilities and seat changes, it may not be possible to secure the same seat. Thank you for your understanding.
Annual ticket resale rights on the official FC Tokyo annual ticket resale site
  • You can list the ticket rights for games you are unable to attend on the official resale site.
  • Please check the F.C.TOKYO Official Website for information on how to list items for resale and transfer to acquaintances.
(20-year SOCIO) Replica Uniform
(1st Uniform) Presented
  • We will present replica uniforms (1st uniform) for the 2024 season to all SOCIO members who will celebrate their 20th year of SOCIO in the 2024 season.

How to Apply for Tickets for the Second Half of the Year

Annual ticket applications can be made here

You need a "J-League ID (free registration)" to apply.

Only one set can be applied with one J-League ID.

※Even if you apply for two or more sets under the same name, you will need two or more J-League IDs.

For details on the application flow that requires a J.League ID, click here

◎Application by Paper

Please contact us by email as follows if you wish.


【Subject】: Request for 2024 Second Half Season Ticket Application Form

  • Please fill in your name, address, and phone number in the text.
  • Paper applications will require postal communication, so it may take some time to complete the application. Please understand in advance.


  • Cancellation or changes due to customer's convenience are not allowed. Please confirm and agree to the precautions before applying.
  • In the unlikely event that the match is postponed, we plan to use it for the replacement match instead of refunding the annual ticket.
    Also, please note that there will be no refunds for restrictions on cheering, food and drink, events, etc., so please understand in advance.
  • If payment is not made within the period specified by the club, the application will be automatically canceled. If you wish to make a purchase, please reapply and complete the application process yourself.


Is it possible to watch the game with family and friends who have not purchased annual tickets if I have purchased an annual ticket for reserved seats?
We have requested J.League and Pia to introduce a system that allows for seat changes for annual tickets, but currently it is not possible to change the seats for annual tickets.
If you wish to move to a different seat only when watching with family or friends, we recommend purchasing separate tickets at member prices and listing the annual ticket seats on the official resale.
We are continuously considering ways to change the seats for annual tickets.
How do I enter?
At each entrance gate, staff will use a dedicated terminal to scan the QR ticket or SOCIO card displayed on your digital device for admission.
Please watch the game from the designated seat and seat number listed on your QR ticket or SOCIO card.
Can I change to a paper ticket booklet?
Cannot be changed. Only QR tickets or SOCIO cards displayed on digital devices will be accepted.
Can I get a replacement for my SOCIO card if I lost it?
We will stop the use of the lost SOCIO card and issue a new card. A reissuance fee of 2,000 yen will be charged.
Please note that if it is found that the ticket has been reissued illegally, measures such as suspension of annual ticket usage may be taken.
Can't you give the game you can't watch to someone else?

Tickets can be transferred or resold through "Ticket Transfer" or "Official Resale".

  • Ticket Transfer...If you want to transfer to your family or acquaintances
  • Official resale...If you want to sell the rights to watch a game that cannot be watched
Can I borrow and lend my SOCIO card?
SOCIO card is limited to personal use only. Please refrain from lending or borrowing as it may not accurately record your attendance and there is a risk of loss.
If you are unable to attend a match, please use the "Ticket Transfer" service to transfer your ticket to someone else.
When will the attendance history be updated?
Attendance history will be processed within the day after the match. Therefore, if you want to confirm, please check it from the day after tomorrow or later.

About Personal Information

We will handle the personal information provided by you with responsibility in accordance with our Privacy Policy.
Privacy Policy. Please apply after agreeing to the Privacy Policy.

Terms and Conditions

FC Tokyo Annual Ticket Terms and ConditionsBy agreeing to this, you will make a reservation.

Contact Information

  • FC Tokyo CRM Department (Reception Hours: Tue-Fri (Weekdays) 10:00-17:00)