第32節 2011/10/23(日)
観衆 15,489人 
天候 晴、弱 気温 22.4度 湿度 59% 
主審:松尾 一 副審:宮島 一代/木川田 博信 四審:今村 亮一

J2 第32節










サガン鳥栖 FC東京
60' キム ビョンスク → 岡田 翔平
88' 岡本 知剛 → 浦田 延尚
選手交代 56' 田邉 草民 → 石川 直宏
72' 羽生 直剛 → ロベルト セザー
86' 谷澤 達也 → 永里 源気
7 シュート 10
0 CK 4
17 FK 18
14' 池田 圭
45'+2 豊田 陽平
77' 呂 成海
90'+2 岡田 翔平
警告 26' 今野 泰幸
80' ロベルト セザー
83' ルーカス
GK 1 赤星 拓
DF 15 丹羽 竜平
DF 2 木谷 公亮
DF 20 呂 成海
DF 3 磯崎 敬太
MF 14 藤田 直之
MF 6 岡本 知剛
MF 25 早坂 良太
MF 27 キム ビョンスク
FW 22 池田 圭
FW 9 豊田 陽平
GK 21 室 拓哉
DF 4 田中 輝和
DF 13 浦田 延尚
MF 16 國吉 貴博
FW 11 新居 辰基
FW 18 野田 隆之介
FW 26 岡田 翔平
GK 20 権田 修一
DF 2 徳永 悠平
DF 3 森重 真人
DF 6 今野 泰幸
DF 33 椋原 健太
MF 4 高橋 秀人
MF 10 梶山 陽平
MF 27 田邉 草民
MF 39 谷澤 達也
FW 22 羽生 直剛
FW 49 ルーカス
GK 1 塩田 仁史
DF 14 中村 北斗
MF 17 永里 源気
MF 18 石川 直宏
MF 32 上里 一将
FW 9 ロベルト セザー
FW 38 坂田 大輔







Tokyo Aim To Maintain Momentum In Tosu

F.C.Tokyo traveled south to the island of Kyushu to take on Sagan Tosu in the of the season. In the previous outing the side had won a tense match against Yokohama FC with a last-gasp wonder strike from Ishikawa to earn a sixth straight clean sheet and a club record seventh successive victory. The midpoint of a demanding schedule of five games in two weeks saw Tokyo take on the side ranked second in the league; only one game out of 38 but one laden with importance as Tokyo geared up for the final push towards promotion. 
Opponents Tosu sat six points behind Tokyo at kick off. The side was in superb form: unbeaten in eleven games, on a four-match winning run and boasting statistics second only to Tokyo, having scored 52 and conceded only 23 goals so far. Chief weapon in the Tosu arsenal was towering forward Toyoda, top scorer in the league to date with 15 goals. Despite being registered as a midfielder Ikeda played alongside Toyoda in a twin-striker formation, with the pair supplied by wide men Kim and Hayasaka. The long throws of defensive midfielder Fujita added another dimension to the imposing attack. Tokyo's task would be to prevent them from gaining any kind of momentum in the match. 
Tokyo were unchanged from the team that beat Yokohama. Midfielder Takahashi commented, "Beyond winning the championship we want to perform against the teams below us to show our strength as the league-leaders. However, Tosu have matured rapidly as a team since we met last time. The most important thing is to respect them as opponents while trying to play our usual steady game," while Tokyo manager Kiyoshi Okuma emphasised the need for Tokyo to surpass the hard working, dynamic Tosu team in terms of effort and tenacity. 
Mukuhara commented, "We defenders are aiming to keep a clean sheet but there's always the possibility that we can concede. If it happens then our response and reaction is important. We have to keep our composure and remain positive". Tokyo's current strength lay in the ability of any player, including the substitutes, to score. With that variation in attack and a commitment of all to both defence and attack, Tokyo faced up to the challenge of Tosu. 
The home side kicked off shortly after 7pm at the Best Amenity Stadium. 





Tokyo Attack Blunted 

Both sides adopted a compact formation and pressed hard from the kick off, with possession changing hands frequently. Tokyo suffered under Tosu's hard pressing and had to wait until the 15th.minute for their first attempt on goal. Yazawa took a quick free kick down the left to Hanyu and after an exchange of passes the ball reached Tokunaga, pushing forward into the inside right channel. Tokunaga shot from long range but failed to trouble Akahoshi in the Tosu goal. In the 24th.minute Hanyu and Kajiyama exchanged passes from a throw in on the right, the latter sliding the ball through into the Tosu area but Tanabe was slow off the mark and failed to reach the pass. 
Nevertheless, Tokyo continued to build carefully from the back but straight balls played up the field were invariably picked off, allowing Tosu to counter attack. Forward Toyoda looked sharp and his darting runs created chances. In the 34th.minute Tokunaga charged forward and crossed, Lucas nodded the ball down and Kajiyama let fly from middle range. The ball struck a defender and rebounded to safety. 
Tokyo survived a major scare in the 34th.minute as Tosu sped up the play down the right, midfielder Kim moving the ball inside to midfielder Ikeda. Ikeda controlled the ball skillfully, then drew the Tokyo defence towards him before slipping the ball out to Toyoda on his left. Toyoda had escaped his marker but crashed his shot over the bar. Although Tosu continued to hit on the counter attack the Tokyo defence held firm and the first period ended 0-0. 



 63分にはその森重が、攻め上がりからパスを受けて右に展開。石川がクロスを入れるが、相手DFに当たって変化。梶山がスライディングで詰めたが、合わせることができなかった。72分には羽生に代えてロベルト セザーを投入、スピードを活かしてゴールをめざした。86分にはカウンターを仕掛け、ルーカス→セザーが中に持ち込み、タイミングを計って中央のルーカスにラストパスを送る。しかしルーカスのシュートは左に切れ……。



 《椋原》「鳥栖は、序盤から『これは続かないだろう』と思わせるぐらいのプレスをかけてきた。予想どおり、後半は運動量が落ちて、僕たちが支配した。だからこそ勝ちたかったが、無失点でしのげたことは次につながると思う。ピンチはほぼ、僕のパスミスからの1本だけだったし、攻撃もあれだけ攻めることができた。もちろん崩し切れなかったことは課題だが、内容として決して悪くはない。最低限の結果を出して、ホームに帰ることができる。(無失点記録は更新中だが?)まだまだ続きますよ! 1失点もしたくないです」 



Solid Defence Dominates In Scoreless Draw 

Tokyo enjoyed more of the ball in the second half as Tosu began to play deeper. Yazawa, Lucas and Kajiyama linked up, forcing the home side onto the defensive. Tosu defended systematically, denying Tokyo any clear-cut openings. In the 55th.minute Tokyo broke, Kajiyama finding Mukuhara on the left. Mukuhara raced forward and shot but his effort sailed over the crossbar. Ishikawa replaced Tanabe in the 56th.minute. Morishige began to venture forward in support of the attack as Tokyo created an increasing number of chances. 
In the 63rd.minute Morishige pushed up, received the ball and switched play out to the right, where Ishikawa launched a cross into the Tosu area. The ball struck a defender, altering its course; Kajiyama flung himself at the ball as it slid across the turf but narrowly failed to make contact. Roberto Cesar entered the fray for Hanyu in the 72nd.minute as Tokyo sought to make use of his speed to create a goal. Tokyo burst forward in the 86th.minute, Lucas shifting the ball inside to Cesar and continuing his run. Cesar took the ball forward, then measured a pass back inside to Lucas. Lucas shot but directed his effort wide of the post.
Yazawa made way for Nagasato as Tokyo continued to storm forward. The game entered additional time with Tosu almost entirely camped in defence, hacking away a stream of corners and free kicks into the box. The final whistle blew on a 0-0 draw. Tokyo had successfully neutralized Tosu's attacking threat but, in turn, had been frustrated by the home side's massed defence. 

Players' comments 
"We were receiving the ball at a standing start quite a lot, particularly in the first half, which showed a lack of punch in the attack. The opposition workrate slackened in the second half allowing our sidebacks freedom to push forward and a couple of times we outnumbered them on the flanks but couldn't make anything of it. We certainly didn't lose in terms of workrate, though. We want to be able to find ways of breaking the deadlock in games like these. Looking ahead, we want to take all three points in the next match, which will give some meaning to the point we got today, I think". 

"Tosu pressed very hard from the off but we felt that they wouldn't be able to keep it up. Sure enough, the pressure slackened in the second half allowing us to control the possession. Although we had wanted to win, keeping another clean sheet will stand us in good stead for the next game. They rarely put us under any real pressure, only once and that came from my own poor pass, and we created plenty in attack. Not being able to find a way through their defence remains an issue but the performance today wasn't bad at all. A point was the minimum required and now we get to go back home again. 
What about the clean sheet record? We're not finished yet! We don't want to let in even one goal". 

F.C.Tokyo manager Kiyoshi Okuma 
"Our opponents played with a lot of energy and concentration in the first half. We couldn't put moves together high up the field or get in behind their defence. We knew they would lose some of that momentum in the second half. We enjoyed a lot more of the ball in the second half but couldn't open them up. Although we created more down the flanks we needed more ideas and better decision-making to create better chances. It can't be helped that today's game was a stalemate and we aim to make the best of the next match. We need to organize ourselves so that we can take advantage of situations where we have numerical superiority and maintain our concentration in the next game". 

Sagan Tosu manager Jong 
"First of all I'd like to say I didn't expect so many people to attend the game today and it was a good game for them to watch. We sent the team out telling them to avoid conceding. Although we couldn't get the win we must be satisfied with the point we earned. The way the players kept their concentration and fought to the bitter end was magnificent, I felt".