第28節 2011/9/17(土)
観衆 4,269人 
天候 曇、無 気温 24.6度 湿度 93% 
主審:篠藤 巧 副審:平野 伸一/石川 恭司 四審:佐伯 彰宣

J2 第28節










愛媛FC FC東京
得点者 28' 田邉 草民
45'+2 今野 泰幸
53' 羽生 直剛
71' ルーカス
84' 永里 源気
46' ジョジマール → 渡邊 一仁
64' 福田 健二 → 金 信泳
72' 大山 俊輔 → 石井 謙伍
選手交代 60' 田邉 草民 → 坂田 大輔
73' 梶山 陽平 → 上里 一将
80' 羽生 直剛 → 永里 源気
8 シュート 17
5 CK 3
17 FK 14
26' 前野 貴徳
45' 前野 貴徳
70' 金 信泳
警告 31' 田邉 草民
37' 椋原 健太
67' 梶山 陽平
45' 前野 貴徳
GK 1 川北 裕介
DF 28 高杉 亮太
DF 18 池田 昇平
DF 5 大野 和成
DF 7 前野 貴徳
MF 6 田森 大己
MF 19 越智 亮介
MF 17 大山 俊輔
MF 27 齋藤 学
FW 9 ジョジマール
FW 24 福田 健二
GK 21 兼田 亜季重
DF 2 吉弘 充志
MF 4 渡邊 一仁
MF 8 内田 健太
MF 10 杉浦 恭平
FW 11 石井 謙伍
FW 39 金 信泳
GK 1 塩田 仁史
DF 2 徳永 悠平
DF 3 森重 真人
DF 6 今野 泰幸
DF 33 椋原 健太
MF 4 高橋 秀人
MF 10 梶山 陽平
MF 27 田邉 草民
MF 39 谷澤 達也
FW 22 羽生 直剛
FW 49 ルーカス
GK 31 常澤 聡
DF 14 中村 北斗
MF 17 永里 源気
MF 18 石川 直宏
MF 32 上里 一将
FW 11 鈴木 達也
FW 38 坂田 大輔







Tokyo Take Aim At Awkward Ehime

For the of the season Tokyo traveled to Ehime on the southern island of Shikoku. Buoyed by Lucas' hat trick in the 6-1 demolition of Kyoto in the previous outing, the side was looking to erase memories of two consecutive losses in the most recent away games. Manager Kiyoshi Okuma commented, "It's our first visit to the stadium and we're obviously not used to the pitch so what we need is a gritty and tenacious display. Even though we'll have been analysed by the opposition we need to show variety in our play. We want to keep it tight and win the remaining 14 games". 
Opponents Ehime lay in with 34 points at kick off. In the reverse fixture, played at Komazawa earlier in the season, Ehime had caused Tokyo various problems with their pressing from the front, dynamic bursts forward and neat passing game. The side had been strengthened since then by the acquisition of defender Ono and the return from injury of striker Fukuda, and was unbeaten in six games since a loss to Mito on July 31st. The team had a steady, stable approach with the hold-up play of Fukuda and the height of Josimar the main threat, ably supported by the deft dribbling of midfielder Saito. 
Tokyo were missing goalkeeper Gonda due to Japan U-22 commitments but were otherwise unchanged. In attack, with Lucas as the chief instigator, the side had begun to create chances again. Regarding the role of the sidebacks, the manager commented, "Even if the opposition sit deeply we can increase our chances of opening them up by getting behind their defence. If we can achieve that then it will take us up to the next level and increase the confidence of the team". Dominating the flanks was seen as vital in deciding the outcome of the game. 
Hanyu commented, "With the way we move the ball and our positioning I feel the basics of the team are there. After that, we need to focus on pulling our opponents apart in the final third, outrunning them and being more aggressive in our approach to the ball; if we can manage those things then the points will pile up". Tokyo entered a tricky away fixture against an awkward opponent aiming to see the team evolve further and to earn what would be a morale-boosting win. 
The rain had abated as the visitors kicked off shortly after 6pm on a warm evening in the Ninjineer Stadium.

田邉、今野がゴール! 2点をリードして前半を折り返す




Tanabe And Konno Give Tokyo First Half Lead

The heavy rain prior to kick off had left puddles on the field, causing problems for both sides in the opening minutes. In the 9th.minute Ehime forward Josimar held the ball up and midfielder Saito made a run from deep before unleashing a drive that beat Shiota, then struck the left post before rebounding to safety. Following that lucky escape Tokyo slowly began to connect their passes and fashion a rhythm as Lucas was brought into the game more. 
The game had reached the 28-minute mark when Yazawa collected a pass on the right, neatly turned a defender and found Lucas unmarked on his outside. Lucas drove an early cross into the danger area, the ball evaded Hanyu's lunge in the centre but Tanabe popped up with superb timing at the far post to finish coolly. Tanabe, scorer of Tokyo's goal in the reverse fixture, had given Tokyo the lead. 
Ehime exerted increasing pressure as the clock wound down on the first half but the Tokyo defence, with Shiota in command, maintained its concentration. In the 45th. minute Ehime defender Maeno fouled Yazawa, received his second yellow card of the game and was sent off. From the resulting free kick Konno buried a diving header past Kawakita for his first goal of the season and doubled Tokyo's lead at halftime. 




 84分には徳永が右サイドをドリブルで上がり、シュート性のクロスをゴール前に。これに途中出場の永里がファーサイドからスライディングで合わせGOAL!! 東京での初ゴールを決め、5対0でタイムアップ。試合前の練習で足首を痛めて出場が心配されたGK塩田も安定した守備を見せ、危なげない試合運びでアウェイ戦では3試合ぶりの勝ち点3をつかむとともに、大量得点で連勝を果たした。





Tokyo Run Riot To Earn Consecutive Wins 

With a man advantage Tokyo dominated the second half from first to last. In the 52nd.minute Kajiyama stripped the ball from an Ehime midfielder inside his own half and stroked a through pass to Yazawa; Yazawa's lob beat Kawakita but struck the crossbar and bounced back into play. Lucas pounced on the ball and kept the attack moving, finding Hanyu in a central position. Hanyu's attempt to play in Yazawa on the left ran loose, allowing him to beat Kawakita at his near post and extend Tokyo's lead to three. 
In the 60th.minute Tanabe left the field suffering from a shoulder injury and was replaced by Sakata. In the 71st.minute Tokyo won a corner on the left and Yazawa's effort reached Takahashi on the opposite side of the field. Takahashi found Hanyu who crossed and Ehime's substitute Kim handled the ball, gifting Tokyo a penalty. Lucas dispatched the spot kick with alacrity for his fourth goal in two games. Kajiyama then made way for Uesato in the 73rd.minute. Despite being 4-0 ahead and having a extra outfield player, Tokyo continued to press forward, passing the ball around in defence before finding Yazawa who then led the charge upfield. 
In the 84th.minute Tokunaga raced forward down the right and drove a fierce low cross into the Ehime area. At the far post substitute Nagasato slid in to force the ball over the line for the first goal of his Tokyo career and the fifth of the evening. Despite sustaining a neck injury in the warm-up and being doubtful for the game, Shiota was rock-solid in the Tokyo goal as the defence dealt comfortably with the Ehime threat. The final whistle blew on a resounding 5-0 win, the first away victory for three games, that marked another three points in the bag. 

Players' comments 
"The pitch was very difficult from the start but even so, apart from that one early chance, they didn't really threaten us at all. Even though Ehime had a player sent off we didn't think about playing defensively and continued to attack until the final whistle. For the goal, Ehime had already had the player sent off and when Yazawa put a great ball in I just threw myself at it. I hadn't scored for a long time but when they go in, they go in!" 

"I really wanted to get my first goal for Tokyo quickly so I'm delighted that I got one today. We were already well ahead when I went on but even so we were still attacking. It's much better than simply running down the clock and gives us something to focus on for the next game. The goal was a kind of speciality of mine; although it was close to a tap-in getting into that position is my forte. It's very satisfying to score my first goal for the club like that". 

F.C.Tokyo manager Kiyoshi Okuma 
"In the second half we had a man advantage and since they didn't come out to win the ball we aimed to pass it around while we looked for a third goal. It was our intention to use the flanks but we couldn't really get the numbers in front of goal or the timing quite right and so didn't really create much from wide positions. As we had expected the Ehime defensive midfielders were strong so scoring from a horizontal pass gave the team a real lift, I felt. Then we scored again from the free kick just before half time, which was perfect timing. If there had just been a single goal in it at half time you never know what's going to happen. We don't seem to score many from set plays so getting one today will be a good confidence boost. We want to continue taking each game as it comes". 

Ehime FC manager Barbaric 
"Well, we collapsed in the second half so we should analyse the first period. Basically, we played far too deeply against a strong side like F.C.Tokyo, particularly in our approach to the midfield line. We lost our shape moving forward and then stopped; it made it easy for them to change positions or get past us, allowing them space to shoot in. Lukewarm defending cost us the first goal. Then Maeno got sent off and they scored from the resulting free kick. When you're two down against a good team like Tokyo and playing with only ten men it's always going to be difficult. Tokyo played extremely good football today. I feel disappointed for our fans who turned up in the terrible weather and would like to apologize to them"