第21節 2005/8/27(土)
観衆 15,735人 
天候 晴、弱 気温 26.7度 湿度 80% 
主審:片山 義継 副審:金子 聡一郎/平野 伸一 四審:田尻 智計

J1 第21節










ジュビロ磐田 FC東京
80' 崔 龍洙
得点者 81' 栗澤 僚一
26' 名波 浩 → 船谷 圭祐
39' 成岡 翔 → 中山 雅史
83' 金 珍圭 → 大井 健太郎
選手交代 52' 三浦 文丈 → ササ サルセード
75' 石川 直宏 → 馬場 憂太
86' 梶山 陽平 → 宮沢 正史
14 シュート 13
2 CK 6
12 FK 13
44' 河村 崇大
警告 15' 三浦 文丈
77' 馬場 憂太
GK 21 佐藤 洋平
DF 36 金 珍圭
DF 5 田中 誠
DF 3 茶野 隆行
MF 17 太田 吉彰
MF 4 河村 崇大
MF 7 名波 浩
MF 14 村井 慎二
MF 19 成岡 翔
FW 22 カレン ロバート
FW 16 崔 龍洙
GK 31 松井 謙弥
DF 20 大井 健太郎
MF 28 船谷 圭祐
MF 13 川口 信男
FW 9 中山 雅史
GK 1 土肥 洋一
DF 20 加地 亮
DF 3 ジャーン
DF 2 茂庭 照幸
DF 6 今野 泰幸
MF 10 三浦 文丈
MF 23 梶山 陽平
MF 18 石川 直宏
MF 15 鈴木 規郎
MF 27 栗澤 僚一
FW 9 ルーカス
GK 21 遠藤 大志
DF 8 藤山 竜仁
MF 16 宮沢 正史
MF 14 馬場 憂太
FW 38 ササ サルセード






Battling A Bogey Team

Two days after the draw with Grampus, TOKYO traveled south to take on Jubilo Iwata. TOKYO had created a host of chances in the previous game but failed to take them and were punished on the counter attack; Konno grabbed a late equaliser to rescue a point. Sasa Salcedo's integration into the side seemed to be progressing and TOKYO were definitely improving. A leg injury had forced Kanazawa out of this game, though. Konno replaced him at left back as TOKYO began with a double defensive midfield pairing of Miura and Kajiyama. 
Opponents Jubilo had, according to TOKYO manager Hara, "played very well in some games and then given away simple goals in others". They had steadily accumulated points though, and lay in 5th. place at kickoff. Goalkeeper Kawaguchi, defenders Hattori and Fukunishi were injured, while forward Maeda was suspended. Jubilo were boosted by the return of striker Choi Yong Soo for his first game since April 15th. Choi teamed up with Robert Cullen in attack, Naruoka played behind the front two, Ota on the right, Muroi on the left, Nanami and Kawamura as defensive midfielders and a back line of Kim, Tanaka and Chano in a 3-5-2 formation. 
"Both teams have injuries and are missing players", commented Hara, "That may well be the deciding factor today. Jubilo are strong at home so we'll have to play with a good balance to stop them and score ourselves". TOKYO had never won at Yamaha Stadium and would need to prevent Jubilo finding their rhythm to stand any chance of ending that record. 





Jubilo Dominate

The game began shortly after 7pm and, while the heat of the day had diminished, conditions were humid and oppressive. The pitch was cropped short and was very slick. The match started at a frenetic pace and a tough, physically demanding 90 minutes seemed to be in store. In the 3rd. minute Ishikawa had two bites of the cherry after being set up Kajiyama and Lucas but a defender blocked both efforts. TOKYO keeper Doi had to be alert in the 7th. minute to race off his line and collect after first Choi, and then Cullen, attempted to latch onto balls played through the visitors' defence. In the 14th. minute Kajiyama robbed an opponent and found Lucas; Lucas turned neatly past a defender and shot. It was a sharp move, from defence into attack, and finished with a shot on target. 
Jubilo began to dominate possession and TOKYO were increasingly pushed backwards. In the 22nd. minute Choi set off on a blistering run at the heart of the TOKYO defence; the line held firm and the danger was averted. Nanami picked up an injury in the 26th. minute and had to be replaced by Funatani. Jubilo then fashioned the best chance of the game thus far as a cross from the left picked out Ota unmarked in front of goal. Ota shot fiercely but Doi punched his effort clear. Choi headed the ball back towards goal and Cullen drove it inches wide of the post. 
TOKYO attempted to build from the back but were unable to move the ball up to the forward line. In response manager Hara rearranged the formation: Konno moved into a defensive midfield role, Suzuki played at left back, Kurisawa moved out to the left and Kajiyama moved forward into central midfield. The changes allowed TOKYO to play with more rhythm and Ishikawa drew a good save from Sato in the 39th. minute after a trademark run and shot from the right. Jubilo were then forced into another substitution as Nakayama replaced the injured Naruoka. In the 42nd. minute Jubilo launched a rapid counter attack from a TOKYO corner. Suzuki won then lost the ball, allowing Nakayama to play a deep, early cross to Cullen at the far post. Cullen cut the ball back to Choi but a valiant block from Jean took the pace off his shot and Doi collected comfortably. In the 44th. minute Kajiyama let fly from 25 yards out; his powerfully struck effort dipped over Sato but struck the underside of the bar and bounced away to safety. The half ended 0-0. 




 激しい試合の中で、連戦の疲れから両者ともに前線とDFラインの距離が間延び。その中でカウンターを仕掛けあってシュートシーンに持ち込む回数も増え、どちらがゴールしてもおかしくない状態に。65分にはトップ下に入った磐田カレンに前を向かれ、フリーでエリアまで走られるが、シュートには茂庭が詰め、CKに逃れる。 67分、クロスからのこぼれをエリア内で拾ったカレンのシュートは、鈴木規と今野が身体を張って防ぎカウンターにつなげる。最後は石川のクロスを相手DFがかろうじてCKに逃れたが、このCKからつないだボールを梶山が前線にスルーパス。石川が抜け出すが、シュートは相手DFの足にあたってゴールならず。そのこぼれを今度は梶山がゴールを狙うが、右にはずれる。 

 めまぐるしく攻守が入れ替わる中、75分には石川に代えて馬場を投入。東京はさらに攻撃の勢いを止めることなくゴールに向かった。ところが80分、磐田ボランチの河村がドリブルで上がる。東京DFの足が一瞬止まったところ、ジャーンを引き付け、エリア右の崔にパスを通される。この崔をつかまえきれず、フリーでシュートを許し、失点。嫌な時間に先制点を奪われてしまった…。しかし、フィールドの中の選手は下を向くことなく反撃。直後の81分、相手陣内センターサークル付近でファールを受け、FKを得る。相手の準備が整わず、エリア前で栗澤がフリーになって立つ。馬場がすぐさまパスを出し、これを栗澤がきっちり決めてゴール! 馬場、栗澤の速い判断と連係のよさで同点に追いついた! 





Kurisawa Ties It In Thrilling Finish 

The second period also began at a frantic pace. In the 47th. minute Suzuki raced down the left and crossed towards Lucas; the loose ball fell to Kajiyama who drilled his shot wide from a tight angle. In the 48th. minute Nakayama held the ball up for Ota to whip a fierce shot just wide of the right upright. TOKYO replaced Miura with Sasa in the 52nd. minute in a bold attempt to break the deadlock. 
The visitors won a corner shortly after but Konno failed to make a clean contact with the ball and Kurisawa had a penalty shout turned down after seemingly being tripped in the area after a sparkling run through the home defence. Funatani then fired wide for Jubilo as the end-to-end nature of the game continued unabated. Both teams began to be stretched, allowing space for counter attacks and a goal seemed inevitable. In the 65th. minute Moniwa blocked Cullen's shot out for a corner. Suzuki and Konno then combined to block another shot from Cullen before launching a counter attack that led to Ishikawa's cross earning a corner for TOKYO. The Jubilo defence cleared the corner out to Kajiyama who played it back in to Ishikawa; Ishikawa made room for a shot but it struck a Jubilo defender and rebounded to Kajiyama who fired wide. 
TOKYO replaced Ishikawa with Baba in the 75th. minute. Jubilo finally broke the deadlock in the 80th. minute; Kawamura took the ball forward and picked out Choi as the TOKYO defence momentarily froze. Choi finished well and TOKYO were behind with only 10 minutes to play. The visitors heads didn't drop and a piece of quick thinking from Baba led to the equaliser less than a minute later. TOKYO won a free kick near the centre circle, the Jubilo defence was slow to regroup and Baba spotted Kurisawa unmarked inside the area. He played a quick pass forward and Kurisawa finished emphatically to tie the game. 
Moniwa performed heroics to block Nakayama's effort in the 85th. minute. Miyazawa then made his first appearance since June 11th, replacing Kajiyama, with Sasa and Lucas the targets for his accurate long balls. Miyazawa nearly won the game for the visitors in the 89th. minute but Sato held his strike after good work by Kurisawa. Neither side was able to conjure a winner and the game finished 1-1. For the second successive match TOKYO had fought back after conceding the first goal. 

Players' comments 
"For some reason we played too many long balls in the first period of the game. It was easier for our opponents to defend against than Ishikawa and Suzuki using the wings. We should have played the ball through the middle and changed sides more often. There was more space on the flanks in the second half and we were able to create chances. For the goal in my mind I aid "Pass it!" to Baba. For the second game we've come back after falling behind and there's a good atmosphere in the squad right now. We just have to start taking our chances". 

"I looked up at the free kick and saw Kuri unmarked in the area. Kaji usually takes those free kicks but Kuri caught my eye and I was able to get the ball to him. I feel like I'm in good condition at the moment. I've been making a lot of appearances as substitute recently and I've just been trying to concentrate on doing my job once I get on the pitch. The midfield was a little sluggish at the time I went on; I thought if I could hold the ball up or play some one-two's then we might create some chances". 

F.C.TOKYO manager Hara 
"It was the third game in a week and a few players were suffering with slight colds so we had to let them play to assess their conditions. We had heard Jubilo had a few injuries but they still put out a strong team. We mainly discussed imposing our style on the game. Konno started at left back and Miura in midfield; we really wanted to make a solid start. That was fine but the pitch was very fast and we lost the ball in midfield quite a lot so we changed the positioning and that improved our balance. Cullen played in a slightly withdrawn position and that made it a little difficult for us to pick him up. We had a few sticky moments but made it to half time 0-0 and we had Baba, Sasa and Miyazawa on the bench for the second half. Some space opened up in the second half and that allowed Kawamura and Funatani to get forward and cause us some problems. The players seemed to be tiring, Jean was on three yellow cards and then we lost our shape at a crucial moment. It was a terrible feeling to concede at that time but the team didn't give and we soon equalised. We wanted the three points but you don't get anything for losing a tough game. Konno shone in the centre and Suzuki played a good game at left back, successfully blocking Ota out of the game. They were bonuses for us today. We want Sasa to adapt to our style and move forward from here". 

Jubilo manager Yamamoto 
"We had injuries in the first half and the young players aggressively challenged for the ball. The standard of the team is rising and there's a new spirit of competition. It was a valuable game for us. As manager I'm very pleased to see talented young players showing their fighting spirit and accepting responsibility on the field. We made a few mistakes but given the tough schedule and the conditions Makoto Tanaka was superb. He's been playing for the national team and he played the full 90 minutes today; I really want to express my gratitude for his performance. He showed what a strong player he is. Choi had a knee injury from the opening game of the season and it's been a long road back to full fitness for him. We felt the time was right today and all the team wanted him to score. It's not only good for Choi himself but it's great for the team. The three substitutions we made today were all for injuries and all are due to the schedule. We've had the World Cup game against Iran, the Nabisco Cup and three league games in a week recently".