第7節 2002/10/05(土)
観衆 16,682人 
天候 晴、無 気温 25.6度 湿度 60% 
主審:梅本 博之 副審:上荒 敬司/八木 あかね 四審:鈴木 亮哉

J1 2nd 第7節










FC東京 柏レイソル
得点者 84' 加藤 望
67' 喜名 哲裕 → 浅利 悟
86' 佐藤 由紀彦 → 福田 健二
選手交代 61' 大野 敏隆 → 加藤 望
79' 宇野沢 祐次 → 菅原 太郎
89' リカルジーニョ → 渡辺 毅
9 シュート 7
6 CK 9
26 FK 25
10' 佐藤 由紀彦
35' 小峯 隆幸
48' アマラオ
62' 小峯 隆幸
83' 戸田 光洋
警告 41' サンパイオ
80' リカルジーニョ
89' 菅原 太郎
62' 小峯 隆幸
GK 1 土肥 洋一
DF 20 加地 亮
DF 3 ジャーン
DF 6 小峯 隆幸
DF 8 藤山 竜仁
MF 5 下平 隆宏
MF 23 喜名 哲裕
MF 14 佐藤 由紀彦
MF 19 ケリー
MF 13 戸田 光洋
FW 11 アマラオ
GK 35 小林 弘記
DF 17 小林 稔
MF 7 浅利 悟
MF 27 鈴木 規郎
FW 9 福田 健二
GK 1 南 雄太
DF 13 渡辺 光輝
DF 23 根引 謙介
DF 24 平山 智規
DF 3 薩川 了洋
MF 8 サンパイオ
MF 35 リカルジーニョ
MF 7 明神 智和
MF 10 大野 敏隆
FW 33 宇野沢 祐次
FW 34 エジウソン
GK 16 佐藤 大
DF 4 渡辺 毅
MF 27 田ノ上 信也
FW 11 加藤 望
FW 31 菅原 太郎







Losing the Losing Streak 

Following two consecutive away defeats F.C.TOKYO returned to Tokyo Stadium for the seventh game of the second stage against Kashiwa Reysol. TOKYO, without the services of the suspended Miyazawa, the injured Ito and Japan Under 21 team members Ishikawa and Moniwa, fielded an unfamiliar formation. 
Kina made his first start of the season as a defensive midfielder while Komine appeared at centre back for his second start of the year. 
Reysol are a team reborn after a disastrous first stage. Under new coach Aurelio, with the Brazilian trio of Sampaio, Ricardinho and Edilson at the heart of the team, they had won three straight games and were slowly dragging themselves away from the relegation zone. 
To counter the threat of Sato down the flanks Reysol switched from their customary three back system to a back four with Mitsuteru Watanabe and Hirayama in more withdrawn positions; they also elected to man mark Kelly and Amaral. How TOKYO would deal with this approach was the main question as the game kicked off on a glorious autumn afternoon.









TOKYO Create Chances 

TOKYO started positively, breaking free of the midfield morass to launch crosses into the danger area in the 4th. and 7th. minutes. The latter led to a quick counter attack from Reysol but a well-timed block by Komine on Edilson averted the danger. In the 12th. minute neat interplay between Kelly and Sato saw Toda breach the Reysol defence only to be given offside in a very marginal decision. TOKYO were dominating possession but the blanket defence and man-marking tactics of the visitors denied any clear-cut chances. 
Reysol threatened mainly at set pieces and won a string of corners midway through the half which the home defence dealt with comfortably. In the 30th. minute a cross-field ball reached Unozawa inside the TOKYO penalty area but the brief danger was soon smothered. Such was the efficacy of both defences that the game had to wait until the 33rd. minute, when Kina volleyed Amaral's knockdown over the bar, for the first shot. A fast break from Reysol in the 37th. minute saw Ricardinho set up Hirayama but a lunging defender turned his shot around the post. 
TOKYO turned up the pressure as the first half drew to a close. Amaral connected with an early cross to send a header wide, Kelly's through ball to Toda was scrambled away for a corner which Jean headed straight at the goalkeeper and in the 44th. minute TOKYO thought they had the lead. A throw in on the right reached Kaji who delivered a pin point cross for Toda to nod past the keeper. Unfortunately the goal was disallowed for a foul on the goalkeeper. The half finished 0-0, neither side having been able to dominate. 




Early Bath For Komine 

Spurred by the disallowed " goal " TOKYO began the second half at a furious pace and soon had Reysol on the ropes. Sato made a smart interception and set off down the wing before curling an inviting centre towards Amaral; a desperate clearance foiled the "King of Tokyo" . In the 52nd. minute Amaral flicked a Kaji long throw into Toda's path but his shot was blocked. Soon after Fujiyama cut in from the left and fired a rising effort that drifted just wide of the left upright. In the 57th. minute a quickly taken free kick found Fujiyama on the left of the Reysol penalty area but his cross, aimed at Sato, was cleared. The same pair combined shortly after and this time Sato connected with Fujiyama's cross, only to see the ball sail over the bar. Just as TOKYO seemed about to make a breakthrough disaster struck. Komine brought down Ricardinho on the edge of the penalty arc and was shown the yellow card, his second of the game. Red followed and Komine trudged disconsolately from the field; for the third consecutive game TOKYO were down to ten men.










Kashiwa Snatch Late Winner 

Following Komine's dismissal Asari replaced Kina and moved into the back line. The nine outfield players stepped up their work rate and matched Reysol right across the field; TOKYO nearly had the lead in the 81st. minute as Amaral set up Shimotaira who shot wide. The killer blow came in the 84th. minute as Ricardinho chased a long ball down near the corner flag, held it up and slipped it back to Watanabe. Watanabe curled a teasing cross into the TOKYO area which Kato met with a perfectly timed diving header that gave TOKYO keeper Doi no chance. 
TOKYO threw everything into attack and nearly equalised in the 87th. minute as Amaral volleyed a loose ball over the keeper and onto the bar. Veterans Sampaio and Myojin stood firm at the heart of the Reysol defence and survived a confident appeal for a penalty as Kelly went down under pressure in the 89th. minute. Goalkeeper Doi joined the attack as TOKYO won a pair of corners deep in injury time but to no avail and the final whistle blew on a third consecutive defeat. 

TOKYO manager Hara: 
" That's the third game in a row we've finished with ten men and it's tough. I don't feel the play was dirty but it's something we have to deal with. The first half we couldn't find our balance or rhythm but the period just before and after half time we played well and I thought we would score. We contained Reysol's threat down the flanks and created several chances. After being reduced to ten men we didn't buckle and I felt the threat posed by Sato and Toda might produce something for us. Their goal came from a counter attack down the wing and we ran out of time ". 

Reysol manager Aurelio: 
" There are no easy games but today's game was particularly difficult. We managed to neutralise the main TOKYO threats though: Nebiki was detailed to cut out high balls in to Amaral, Kelly was man marked and Sato was blocked down the right wing. The winning goal came from a move down the right and Kato took it very well ".