Yohei KAJIYAMA will retire at the end of 2018 season.

F.C.TOKYO announced that Yohei KAJIYAMA will retire at the end of 2018 season.

【Profile of Yohei KAJIYAMA】
□Birth Date:1985 September 24th
□Birth Place:Koto, Tokyo
1996-1997 TOKYO GAS Jr.
1998-2000 F.C.TOKYO U-15

2001-2003 F.C.TOKYO (2003 Class 2)
2001-2003 F.C.TOKYO U-15
2004-2012 F.C.TOKYO
2013-2013.6 Panathinaikos FC(Greece)(on a loan deal)

2013.8- Oita TORINITA(on a loan deal)

2014- F.C.TOKYO

2018.7- ALBILEX NIIGATA(on a loan deal)

□Playing History( As of 2018 November 14th)

J1 League 267 Games 16 Goals
J2 League 37 Games 6 Goals
J3 League 13 Games 0 Goal
Tournament 54 Games 7 Goals
Emperor's Cup 28 Games 4 Goals
ACL 4 Games 1 Goal 

□Comment from Yohei KAJIYAMA

"I decided to retire a soccer player as long as this season. I am very happy that I joined the soccer school when I was 11 years old and was able to play in F.C.TOKYO for 22 years which is two thirds of my life.
Whether it is good or bad, we walked with the fans & supporters, everyone was constantly cheering us. I'm really thankful to you.
The only relief in F.C.TOKYO is that I could not win the J1 League. Just in the near future, I am confident that we will be able to win with fans & supporters. Please continue to support F.C. TOKYO and fight together.
Thank you so much for your continued support."