Yohei KAJIYAMA moves to ALBILEX NIIGATA on a loan deal

F.C.TOKYO announced that Yohei KAJIYAMA will play for Albilex Niigata from 17 July 2018 to 31 January 2019 on a loan deal.

【Profile of Yohei KAJIYAMA】
□Birth Date:1985 September 24th
□Birth Place:Koto, Tokyo
1996-1997 TOKYO GAS Jr.
1998-2000 F.C.TOKYO U-15

2001-2003 F.C.TOKYO (2003 Class 2)
2001-2003 F.C.TOKYO U-15
2004-2012 F.C.TOKYO
2013-2013.6 Panathinaikos FC(Greece)(on a loan deal)

2013.8- Oita TORINITA(on a loan deal)

2014- F.C.TOKYO

□Playing History( As of 2018 July 17th)

2018 season
F.C.TOKYO J1 League 0 Game 0 Goal / F.C.TOKYO J3 League 5 Games 0 Goal / Tournament 3 Games 1 Goal / Emperor's Cup 0 Games 0 Goals

F.C.TOKYO J1 League 267 Games 16 Goals
F.C.TOKYO J2 League 34 Games 6 Goals
F.C.TOKYO J3 League 13 Games 0 Goal
Tournament 54 Games 7 Goals
Emperor's Cup 28 Games 4 Goals
ACL 4 Games 1 Goal 

□Comment from Yohei KAJIYAMA
"I am sorry I have left the team while we are fighting for the victory. However, as a soccer player, I decided to challenge. I want to show my play firmly once again, I want to fight on the pitch strongly. I would like to play as if not ashamed of what I have been cheering up to so far. I will move, but I will do my best so that I can see my play again. I believe that Tokyo will definitely win"