F.C.TOKYO announced that Yuichi MARUYAMA moves to NAGOYA GRAMPUS.

 【Profile of Yuichi MARUYAMA】
□ Position : DF
□ Birth Date : June 16th, 1989
□ Birth Place : Setagaya, Tokyo
□ Height/Weight : 184cm/76kg
□ Career History:
2001 F.C.TOKYO Soccer school(Fukagawa)
2002-2004 F.C.TOKYO U-15
2005-2007 Kokugauin kugayama high school
2008-2011 Meiji University
2012-2013 F.C.TOKYO
2014 Shonan Bellmare ※On loand deal
2015- F.C. TOKYO

□ Playing Stats(As of July 4th 2018)
【F.C.TOKYO】J1 Leauge 9 Games 0 Goal / Tournament 3 Games 0 Goal / Emperor's Cup 1 Game 0 Goal /

<Total Stats >
J1 League 97 Games 2 Goals
J2 League 41 Games 2 Goals
J3 League 1 Games 0 Goal
Tournament 19 Games 0 Goals
Emperor's Cup 10 Games 1 Goal
ACL 8 Games 0 Goal

□Comment from Yuichi MARUYAMA
"I will move to Nagoya Grampus this time.
I am very sorry to leave the team on the way of the season. In the possibility of winning, transfer was a very difficult decision.
Looking back on the last six months, while the team was doing good, I was strongly concerned about whether I could stay as it was, such as anxiety or lost. With a lot of troubles and thought out, I challenged in the new environment, decided to move as I wanted to grow more as a player.
I started a professional life in Tokyo, I was able to play as a player in Tokyo for 9 and a half including Tokyo's academy, I was able to play with Ajinomoto stadium, I had lots of experiences that I could count on so many .
I think that I am now thanks to the directors, staff, athletes and stakeholders who have been involved in me until now.
Even when the team is good or bad, even at the Ajinomoto stadium, of course, even in the distant away place, there are only words of thanks to all the fans and supporters who have supported me with hot support and courage.
It will not be Maruyama Yuichi of FC Tokyo, but I will do my best to attract the growing figure.Thank you for 9 and a half years."