Takuma Abe will move to Ulsan Hyundai FC.

F.C. TOKYO announces that Takuma Abe will move to Ulsan Hyundai FC. 

【Profile of Takuma Abe】
□Birth Date:1987 December 5th
□Birth Place:Kodaira City, Tokyo
□Blood Type:O
□History:2003-2005 Yokoga Musashino FC Youth
2005 Yokoga Musashino (Registered as Class-2 Player)
2006-2009  Hosei University
2010-2012  Tokyo Verdy
2013-2014.6 VfR Aalen/Germany
2014.7-2015 Ventforet Kofu
2016-2017.7 F.C. TOKYO

□Playing History( As of 2017 July 10th)
F.C. TOKYO J1 League 11 Games 1 Goal/ Tournament 0 Game 0 Goal / Emperor's Cup 1 Game 0 Goal / ACL 8 Games 1 Goal
※2016 AFC Champions League 2016 Play-Off 1 Game 1 Goal

F.C. TOKYO U-23 J3 League 1 Game 0 Goal

F.C. TOKYO J1 League 10 Games 0 Goal / Tournament 7 Games 3 Goals / Emperor's Cup 1 Game 0 Goal

J1L League 65 Games 7 Goals
J2 League 93 Games 37 Goals 
J3 League 1 Game 0 Goal 
Tournament 9 Games 4Goals
Emperor's Cup 8 Games 4 Goals
ACL 8 Games 1 Goal

□Comment from Takuma Abe
It has been only a year and a half since I joined F.C. TOKYO, but it is my pleaure to be supported by lot of poeple. 
I had lots of injuries and could not contribute to the cheam, but I could continue playing because of cheering from fans and supporters. 
Although it is during the 2017 season, I have strong motivation to challenge so I choose to move to different team. 
I feel sorry about the fact that i could not say farwell to the supporters. I will do my best with my experience at F.C. TOKYO. 
Thank you very much.