End of the contract with Yuichi Komano

We announce that we have ended the contract with Yuichi Komano, who is at Avispa Fukuoka on a loan deal.

【Yuichi Komano’s profile】
□ Position:DF
□ Date of Birth:25/07/1981
□ Birth Place:Wakayama
□ Height/Weight:172cm/72kg
□ Blood Type:O

□ History:
Sanfrecce Hiroshima Youth(1997-1999)
⇒ Sanfrecce Hiroshima(2000-2007)
⇒ Jubili Iwata(2008-2015)
⇒ F.C. TOKYO(2016-2016.7)
⇒ Avispa Fukuoka(2016.7-)※Loan deal

□ National Team History:
 2000 U-20 Japan National Team (AFC Championship in Iran 2nd place)
 2001 U-20 Japan National Team (FIFA FIFA World Youth Championship in Argentina participant)
 2002 U-22 Japan National Team (14th Asian Games 2nd place)
 2003 U-22 Japan National Team
 2004 U-23 Japan National Team (Athens Olympics participant)
 2005 Japan National Team (East Asian Cup participant)
 2006 Japan National Team (FIFA World Cup in Germany participant)
 2007 Japan National Team (AFC Asia Cup Best 4)
 2008 Japan National Team
 2009年 Japan National Team
 2010年 Japan National Team (FIFA World Cup in South Africa Best 16)
 2013年 Japan National Team (EAFF East Asian Cup Champion)
※Participated in international A match as a member of Japan National Team 78 matches 1 goal (As of 2016 November 22nd)

□ Individual Titles:
 2005 J League Valuable Player
 2007 J League Valuable Player
 2012 J League Valuable Player,J League Best Eleven

□ Playing History(As of 2016 November 22nd)
2016 F.C. TOKYO
J1 League 1 Match 0 point
J3 League 4 Matches 0 point(F.C. TOKYO U-23)
ACL 2 Matches 0 point
2016 Avispa Fukuoka
 J1 League 12 Matches 1point
 Tournament 0 Matches 0 point
 Emperor’s Cup 0 Matches 0 point
J1League 374 Matches 19 points
J2League 87 Matches 4 points
J3 League 4 Matches 0 point
Tournament 36 Matches 2 points
Emperor’s Cup 22 Matches 1 point
ACL 2 Matches 0 point

□ Comment
Although it was only 6 months, thank you very much for your support. I suffered from injuries, and I regret that I made a lot of burden to my team. However, I will do my best to make the most out of this experience. Thank you very much for supporting for half a year.