Yoshiyuki Shinoda was assigned as F.C. TOKYO Manager

F.C. TOKYO announce that Yoshiyuki Shinoda, a former F.C. TOKYO top team Coach was assigned as Manager.
Also F.C. TOKYO U-23 Coach and Manager Takayoshi Yasuma will be assigned as top team Coach.
F.C. TOKYO Tadashi Nakamura will be assinged to F.C. TOKYO top team coach and U-23 Manager.

□Yoshiyuki Shinoda`s Profile

Date of Birth 18/06/1971
Birth Place Yamanashi Prefecture
Playing Records Graduated from Kizan Technical High School ⇒Kofu Soccer Club ⇒Chukyo Univeristy ⇒Fukuoka Brooks/ Avispa Fukuoka

【Playing Records】
J1League 109 Matches 2 Scores
J2League 94 Matches 8 Scores
Tournament 16 Matches 0 Score
Emperor's Match 2 Scores


【Coaching History】
2005       Avispa Fukuoka Hometown Promotion Team Coach
2006.1~7     Avispa Fukuoka U-18 Coach
2006.7~12     Avispa Fukuoka Top Team Coach
2007       Avispa Fukuoka U-15 Coach
2008      Avispa Fukuoka Top Team Coach
2008.7~2011.8 Avispa Fukuoka Top Team Manager
2010 J League Divison2  3rd place、promoted to J1
2012-2016.6    F.C. TOKYO Top Team Coaching

【League Match Result】
Avispa Fukuoka
2008 J2 League 7 Wins 8 Draws  3 Losses [8th Place/15 Teams]
2009 J2 League 17 Wins 14 Draws 20Losses [11th Place /18 Teams]
2010 J2 League   21 Wins 6 Draws  9 Losses [3rd Place /19 Teams ]※Promoted to J1
2011 J1 League 2 Wins 2 Draws 15 Losses  [17th Place /18 Teams]※Demoted to J2

J1 League 2 Wins 2 Draws 15 Losses (19 Matches)
J2 League 45 Wins 28 Draws 32 Losses (105 Matches)

We will fight as one team and hope to show an exciting game that touches fans and supporters.
Thank you very much for your continuous support.