F.C.Tokyo's documentary film to be released

F.C.Tokyo are pleased to announce that a documentary film on F.C.Tokyo's 2015 season will be produced.

 [Details of F.C.Tokyo Documentary Film]

- Title: "TOKYO (tentative)"
- Story:
F.C.Tokyo, based in Japanese capital Tokyo, produce five Japanese internationals.
The team start the second stage campaign after finishing the first stage in their record-high second place and sending off ace striker Muto to Germany. How are the players, club and fans going to battle it out? Film director Sakakibara Yusuke, who used to play football himself, features F.C.Toyko from an unprecedented perspective.

- Shooting Period: 2015 Meiji Yasuda J1 League 1st Stage and 2nd Stage (now in progress)

- Release Date: Scheduled in late February 2016

- Director: Sakakibara Yusuke
[Profile] Born in 1986 in Aichi Prefecture
[Major Filmography] 2013 Short film "Light Along"
Note: It was nominated for the Asia International & JAPAN competition of the Short Short Film Festival 2014.
The leading actor Arimura Kasumi won the Best Actress Award.

- Planned and Produced by “and pictures inc.”
- Contact person: Matake of “and pictures inc.” at 03-6824-9355