"26th Tamagawa Clasico" against Kawasaki on road to get underway on Saturday 11 July!

The opening match of the 2015 Meiji Yasuda J1 League 2nd Stage on Saturday 11 July is to be "the 26th Tamagawa Clasico" between Kawasaki Frontale and F.C. Tokyo. 

The last matchup in "the 25th Tamagawa Clasico" ended with F.C.Tokyo's dramatic comeback victory supported by 42,604 fans at Ajinomoto Stadium coloured with blue and red. Again, we will show the fighting spirit and do our best to let you enjoy our dramatic football. We look forward to having you visit our match even for the away match.

Match Details
Saturday 11 July 2015, 2015 Meiji Yasuda J.League Division 1, 2nd Stage Sec 1
Kawasaki Frontale vs F.C.Tokyo (Kick-off at 6:30 p.m. at Kawasaki Todoroki Stadium)
Tickets On-sale Date: Sunday 28 June
L Code: 35148

Event Details
This year's Tamagawa Clasico is to be promoted under the theme of "Amanogawa (Milky Way) Clasico" since it is held several days after the Tanabata festival on 7 July. Check out Kawasaki Frontale's official website for more information.

1. Video Promotion
Ahead of “the 26th Tamagawa Clasico,” we create match promotion video footage with the Tamagawa Clasico's special mascot and will broadcast it on following occasions. 

(1) Big screen at both clubs’ home matches
(2) FC Tokyo Official YouTube Channel 
URL: https://www.youtube.com/user/fctokyochannel/
(3) Tamagawa Clasico Special Website
URL: http://www.frontale.co.jp/tamagawa_classico/2015/index/
Note: The video footage will be uploaded on (2) and (3) early in July. Don’t miss it!

2. Tamagawa Clasico special products on sale
Special products will be on sale to commemorate the 26th Tamagawa Clasico
- Towel Scarf

Note: The design is subject to change. The price and other details are to be announced later.

3. “Tamagawa ‘Ko’lasico” to be held
Before the senior team’s “the 26th Tamagawa Clasico,” “the Tamagawa ‘Ko’lasico”*, a match between academy children teams forging the future of the clubs, will be held. Come and witness the children’s heated performance! 

*”Ko” means “child” in Japanese.

Note: The matchup (age categories) will be announced on the F.C.Tokyo Official Website once determined.

If there is any additional event, it will be announced on the F.C.Tokyo Official Website and Official Mobile Website.

What is Tamagawa Clasico..?
Since the JFL era in 1997, both clubs have played intense and dramatic contests and grown together as “a good rival.” Especially in 1999 when the J.League Division 2 (J2) was launched, the Tokyo side changed their name from Tokyo Gas to F.C.Tokyo, aiming at the J1 League promotion. And both clubs finally promoted together after hard-fought promotion battles. Kawasaki Frontale dropped down to the J2 League a year later but came back up again in 2005 before they started exhibiting fierce contests again.

The history where both have improved each other at both sides of Tamagawa (Tama River) proves the contests are as hot as “derby” matches in other cities. In order to preserve the history and turn it to future tradition, the contests were named “Tamagawa Clasico” by taking “Tamagawa” from the symbol of both clubs and “Clasico” from Spanish language meaning "traditional contest."

Although the name of “Tamagawa Clasico” was first used in 2007, we have counted the number of “Tamagawa Clasico” since the J2 contests between the clubs in 1999 to preserve the history where F.C.Tokyo and Kawasaki Frontale had fierce battles. There were 10 such matches from 1999 to 2006. Since the project began in 2007, the Kawasaki’s home match on 6 May 2007 was the first one and named “the 11th Tamagawa Clasico.” To continue writing the new history of two club’s matches to 50, 100 and 200 times in the future, we will keep working hard through this friendly but enthusiastic rivalry.

After discussions between the clubs, “the J.League fixtures” are only counted as Tamagawa Clasico. (Neither cup matches nor Emperor’s Cup matches are to be counted.)

Tokyo have the record of 8 wins, 10 losses and 7 ties as of today.