Postscript: Shuichi Gonda, Masato Morishige, Kosuke Ota, Yoshinori Muto selected to national team roster

[Postscript] The following players’ comments have been added.

F.C.Tokyo proudly announce that Shuichi Gonda, Masato Morishige, Kosuke Ota and Yoshinori Muto have been selected to SAMURAI BLUE (Japan National Team) roster for the KIRIN CHALLENGE CUP 2015 on 27 March in Oita and the JAL CHALLENGE CUP 2015 on 31 March in Tokyo, according to the announcement made today by the Japan Football Association (JFA). Also Takuji Yonemoto has been selected as one of the back-up members.

Comments by Shuichi Gonda
“This is the first camp under the new head coach, so I will try to understand his philosophy soon and do my best to contribute to the team. To me, F.C.Tokyo matches are as important as national team matches, so for now I will play my 100% against Kobe this weekend.”

Comments by Masato Morishige
“There has been a head coach change, so first I will try to have good communication with him and show my presence. But before that, we have another league match to play, so we will make sure to get a good result there first.”

Comments by Kosuke Ota
“As the team make a fresh start under the new head coach, I will play hard to help the team and get good results. First I will make sure that I will be ready for the league match on Sunday. I am happy that the four players have been selected from F.C.Tokyo, and at the same time, I will try to represent F.C.Tokyo well.”

Comments by Yoshinori Muto
“This is a start of the new team. I will try to understand the role they expect from me, and also I will try to show my strength. I want to join the team after winning the league match three days later.”

Upcoming Schedule
Friday 27 March, 2015 KIRIN CHALLENGE CUP 2015 against Tunisia National Team in Oita
Tuesday 31 March, 2015 JAL CHALLENGE CUP 2015 against Uzbekistan National Team in Tokyo