Kazunori YOSHIMOTO will continue to play in Avispa Fukuoka next season

F.C.TOKYO announced that Kazunori YOSHIMOTO will play for Avispa Fukuoka 2019 season on a loan deal.

Based on the contract, Kazunori YOSHIMOTO is not available to play for any public games against F.C.TOKYO during the term of this contract.  


【Profile of Kazunori YOSHIMOT】
□Birth Date:1988 April 24th
□Birth Place:Kodaira City, Tokyo
2001-2003 F.C.TOKYO U-15
2004-2006 F.C.TOKYO
2005,2006 F.C.TOKYO(Class 2) 2007-2009.8 F.C.TOKYO
2009.8-2010 FC Gifu(on a loan)
2011-2012.8 F.C.TOKYO
2012.8-2012.12 FC Mito Hollyhock
2013-2018.6 F.C.TOKYO

2018.6- Avispa Fukuoka(on deal)


"I could not achieve the goal of promotion in the 2018 season and I was not convinced myself without leaving anything, so I decided to play for Avispa Fukuoka for another year. The team is far away but I sincerely support Tokyo who has raised myself so far, I believe that I can win the league in Tokyo. Because I am also continuing the activities of Kodaira city sightseeing town development ambassador, let 's bring up Kodaira city with the ground together!
I will work hard so that I can deliver an active part to everyone in Tokyo firmly leaving results in Avispa Fukuoka."