Takuo Okubo transfers to Sagan Tosu

F.C.TOKYO announce that Takuo Okubo will transfer to Sagan Tosu next season on a permanent deal.

【Profile of Takuo Ohkubo】
□ Position : GK
□ Birth Date : September 18th 1989
□ Birth Place : Koto-ku, Tokyo
□ Height/Weight : 190cm/92kg
□ Blood Type : A
□ Career History:
2005-2007 Teikyo High School
2008-2010 Yokohama FC
2011-2013 Jef United Ichihar Chiba
2014-2016 V-Varen Nagasaki

2017- F.C.TOKYO 

□ Career at National Team :
2007 U-19 Japan National Team
2008 U-20 Japan National Team

□Comment from Takuo Okubo
"I will transfer to Sagan Tosu next season. I could not make a contribution to the victory of the team in Tokyo, but I grew up as a goalkeeper and confidence that I can play in J1. That's why I wanted to play in the games in Tokyo and I wanted to leave results, but I decided to make this transfer as I wanted to make a new challenge when I received the offer this time. I am sorry to leave Tokyo without being able to accomplish anything, but I am looking forward to playing at the Ajinomoto Stadium as a player of Sagan Tosu. Thank you so much for supporting me for two years."