End of the contract with JAKKIT

F.C.TOKYO announced that  we ended the contract with JAKKIT from BANGKOK UNITED FC.

□Shirt Name:JAKKIT
□Birth Date:26 January 1997
□Birth Place:Thai Land

□Playing History:
2015.1-2016.6 Bangkok United FC(Thai)
2016.7-2016.12 Chainat F.C(Thai)※On loan deal
2017.1-2017.6 Bangkok United FC(Thai)
2017.7- F.C.TOKYO※On loan deal

□National Team History
2015 U-19 Thai National Team(AFC U-19 Champion)
2016 U-19 Thai National Team(AFC U-19Tournament Participant)
2017 U-23 Thai National Team
2018 U-21 Thai National Team, U-23 Thai National Team(AFC U-23 Tournament China)

□Playing States(As of 8 November 2018):
J1 League 0 Game / 0 Goal
J3 League 33 Games / 2 Goals
Tournament 0 Game / 0 Goal
Emperor's Cup 0 Game / 0 Goal
ACL 0 Game / 0 Gaol

□Comment from JAKKIT
"First of all, I appreciate that I was given the opportunity to play in F.C.TOKYO. It was a year and a half I was able to feel big growth myself. Fans & supporters, teammates and staff have always supported them. I owe it to everyone that I was able to do my best. It was mainly played in J3 League, but what you've called my name and cheered was more power than anything else. Even though I returned to Thailand, I would like to show the growing figure so that many Thai people can think of "Jakit was good at playing in F.C.TOKYO". Thank you very much."