End of the contract with Tasuku Hiraoka

F.C.TOKYO announce that we end the contract with Tasuku Hiraoka.

 [Profile of Tasuku Hiraoka]
□Position: MF
□Date of Birth: 2 february 1996
□Birth of Place : Nara Prefecture
□Height/ Weight: 165cm/ 62kg

2011-2013 Okayama Sakuyou high school
2014- F.C.TOKYO

□Playing States(As of 21 November 2018):
J1 League 0 Game / 0 Goal
J3 League 78 Games / 13 Goals
Tournament 2 Games / 0 Goal
Emperor's Cup 0 Game / 0 Goal
ACL 0 Game / 0 Gaol
□Comment from Tasuku Hiraoka
"Thank you for five years. Although I got a serious injury, I think that I am now thanks to the support of the fans / supporters, my teammates and the staff. Although I am sorry to leave the team in this way, I would like to keep playing with my goodness taken advantage of wherever I go, so that I can show myself playing soccer cheerfully in different places.
I will fight with all my strength to the end so please give me cheering"