Takefusa KUBO moves to Yokohama F・marinos on a loan deal

F.C.TOKYO announced that Takefusa KUBO will play for Yokohama F・marinos from 15 August 2018 to 31 November 2018 on a loan deal.

Based on the contract, Takefusa KUBO is not available to play for any public games against F.C.TOKYO during the term of this contract.

【Profile of Takefusa KUBO】
□Birth Date:2001 June 4th
□Birth Place:Kanagawa

2011.9-2015.3 FC Barcelona

2015.5-2016.3 F.C.TOKYO U-15 Musashi
2016.4- F.C.TOKYO U-18
 2016,2017 F.C.TOKYO(Class 2)
2017.11- F.C.TOKYO

□International Career

2015 U-15 National Team

2016 U-16 National Team, U-17 National Team, U-19 National Team

2017 U-17 National Team, U-20 National Team

2018 U-19 National Team

□Playing History( As of 2018 August 15th)

2018 season
F.C.TOKYO J1 League 4 Games 0 Goal / F.C.TOKYO J3 League 10 Games 3 Goals / Tournament 6 Games 1 Goal / Emperor's Cup 0 Games 0 Goals

F.C.TOKYO J1 League 6 Games 0 Goal
F.C.TOKYO J3 League 34 Games 5 Goals
Tournament 8 Games 1 Goal
Emperor's Cup 0 Game 0 Goal
ACL 0 Game 0 Goal 

□Comment from Takefusa KUBO

"I am going to move to Yokohama F · Marinos this time. In order to contribute even a little to the team who wins the victory, I have been working on daily practice. However, I thought that I needed a new challenge to grow more and I decided this time. I am grateful to the club who gave me such opportunities. In order to grow firmly, I would like to continue to do my best. Thank you for your continuous support."