Kazunori YOSHIMOTO moves to Avispa Fukuoka on a loan deal

F.C.TOKYO announced that Kazunori YOSHIMOTO will play for Avispa Fukuoka from 22 June 2018 to 1 January 2019 on a loan deal.

Based on the contract, Kazunori YOSHIMOTO is not available to play for any public games against F.C.TOKYO during the term of this contract.

【Profile of Kazunori YOSHIMOT】
□Birth Date:1988 April 24th
□Birth Place:Kodaira City, Tokyo
2001-2003 F.C.TOKYO U-15
2004-2006 F.C.TOKYO
2005,2006 F.C.TOKYO(Class 2) 2007-2009.8 F.C.TOKYO
2009.8-2010 FC Gifu(on a loan)
2011-2012.8 F.C.TOKYO
2012.8-2012.12 FC Mito Hollyhock
2013- F.C.TOKYO

□Playing History( As of 2018 June 22th)

2018 season
F.C.TOKYO J1 League 0 Game 0 Goal / F.C.TOKYO J3 League 3 Games 0 Goal / Tournament 5 Games 0 Goal / Emperor's Cup 0 Games 0 Goals

F.C.TOKYO J1 League 65 Games 1 Goal
F.C.TOKYO J2 League 46 Games 3 Goals
F.C.TOKYO J3 League 17 Games 0 Goal
Tournament 29 Games 1 Goal
Emperor's Cup 3 Games 3 Goals
ACL 0 Game 0 Goal 

□Comment from Kazunori YOSHIMOTO
"I can not make a contribution in the game this year and it is not easy to contribute, so I'm so sorry about being transferred in the middle of the season in the position to put together a team as the players' chairman. I entered Tokyo 's Academy at the age of 12, and I had a dream of winning the captain' s mark with his 4th numbered jersey, I felt strongly that I wanted to be champion in Tokyo. I was really worried about transferring in the ranking where I could win the championship, but I thought that I needed to challenge myself and decided.
I have confidence that I have loved Tokyo more than anyone and local grandfather Kodaira during this period I was in Tokyo. This time, I will transfer with a due date, but it is forever the fact that Tokyo is a club that nurtures me as a football player as well as a human being.
I truly sincerely hope that my beloved Tokyo, who has traveled more than half of such a life, will win the league.
Thank you very much for your support of fans and supporters, stakeholders, support when you are in pain and indeed hard times"