New club sponsorship signing

F.C. TOKYO announced that the club have signed a new sponsorship contract with "the Jikei Group of Colleges".

the Jikei Group of Colleges
<President>Kunihiko Ukifune
<Head Office>6-7-5 Higashikasai, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan
<Date of Foundation>1976

【the Jikei Group of Colleges Comment】
the Jikei Group of Colleges is a 73 school educational institution, including a vocational school, a high-level vocational school, a graduate school university, etc. It is a school group practicing specialized education directly connected to the industry. "Contributing to society through professional education" As a mission, grasped the change of society, consistently responded to the needs of the industry as a specialized specialized educational institution, since 1976, when vocational school law was enforced, "vocational education We have been devoted to. We have trained over 500 professionals and have produced over 240,000 graduates to various industries, both domestically and internationally. I believe that it is our fulfillment of our mission to contribute to society by acting as an "immediate fight" in the industry that graduates themselves wished for.
A graduate of the school of the Jikei Group of College is active in F.C.TOKYO. Through this contract, I would like to support F.C.TOKYO with all of the fans and supporters with full support, even throughout the school group. "