End of the contract with Wataru Sasaki

F.C. TOKYO announce that we end the contract with Wataru Sasaki.He moves to Kamatamare SANUKI on a permanent deal.

 [Profile of Wataru Sasaki]
□Position: MF
□Date of Birth: 28 July 1996
□Birth of Place : Mitaka, Tokyo
□Height/ Weight: 174cm/ 66kg

2007-2009   Fujimigaoka junior soccer club
※F.C.TOKYO soccer school (advance class)
2010.4-2012.3 F.C.TOKYO U-15 Musashi
2012.4-2014   F.C.TOKYO U-18
 2014 F.C.TOKYO(Class2)
2015- F.C.TOKYO

□International Careers:
2011 U-15 National Team
2011 U-16 National Team
2012 U-17 National Team

□Playing States(As of 3 December 2017):
J1 League 1 Games / 0 Goals
J3 League 22 Games / 0 Goals
Cup 0 Games / 0 Goals
Emperor's Cup 0 Game / 0 Goal
ACL 0 Games / 0 Gaol

□Comment from Wataru Sasaki:
"Thank you for supporting me for three yeas. I regret not achieving results. I really appreciate fans, staffs and my family who waited me for a long time. My life goes on. I want to play and have fun in my own way."