Kiichi Yajima(Chuo University) was assured of joining the senior team next season

 F.C. TOKYO annouce that Kiichi Yajima (Chuo University) was assured of joining the senior team next season.
Profile is as shown.
【Profile of Kiichi Yajima 】
□Date of Birth:04/06/1995
□Place of Birth:Hachioji-City, Tokyo
□Blood Type:A
□Playing History:
2002-2007 Hachioji CBX Football Club (F.C. TOKYO Soccer School Advanced Class)
2008-2010 F.C. TOKYO U-15 Musashi
2011-2013 F.C. TOKYO U-18
2014- Chuo University
2016 JFA・J League Special Desginated Player (Accepting Team F.C. TOKYO)

□National Team History:
2013 U-18 Japan National Team Candidate
2016 All Japan Univesity Selection

□Strong Point
Attacker with strong physical contact, who grown up at F.C. TOKYO Academy.
Almigthy striker who can deal with various tactics. Very good at post play and creating new idea at scoring zone utilizing physical strength.
Good desicion making depending on the situaion.
This is Kiichi Yajima, and I will be joining F.C. TOKYO from next season.
It was my dream to wear F.C. TOKYO jersy, so I feel really grateful.
Once I dreamed of being a member of F.C. TOKYO, every single day was filled with passion and hope.
I will return the favor to F.C. TOKYO with my play and attitude. I deeply appreciate those who supported me along the way, especially my familiy.
Currenlty I am out of the team due to my injury, but I will do my best to undergo rehabilitation.
Thank you very much for your continuous support.