End of the contract with Nathan Burns

F.C. TOKYO announce that we will end the contract with Nathan Burns.
He will participate in the training and communicating with fans until June 30th , 2017.

□Registered Name:NATHAN BURNS

□Date of Birth:1988/5/7(29 Years Old)
□Birth Place/Nationality:Australia

□Career History:
2006-2008      Adelaide UnitedFC(Australia)
2008/2009      AEK Athens FC(Greece)
2009/2010      Kerkyra(Greece)
2010-2012      AEK Athens FC(Greece)
2012-2013      Incheon United (Korea)
2013/2014      Newcastle United Jets FC(Australia)
2014/2015      Wellington Phoenix(New Zealand)(A League MVP)  
2015-      F.C. TOKYO

□National Team History:
2007-2008、2010-2011、2015-2016 Australia National Team
(AFC Asia Cup /2011 2nd Prize・2015 Victory)

□Playing History(As of 2017/6/23)
2015 F.C. TOKYO
J1 League  10 Matches 2 goals
Emperor's Cup 1 game 0 goal

2016 F.C. TOKYO
J1 League  16 Matches 1 goal
J3 League  3 Matches 0 goal (F.C. TOKYO U-23)
Tournament 2 Games 0 goal
ACL 5 Games 1 goal

2017 F.C. TOKYO
J3 League 3 Games 0 goal (F.C. TOKYO U-23)
Tournament 4 Games 0 goal

J1 League 26 Games 3 goals
J3 League 6 Games 0 goal
Tournament 6 Games 0 goal
Emperor's Cup 1 Game 0 goal
ACL 5 Games 1 goal

I`m leaving F.C. TOKYO. I miss this club and members so much.
I had great experiences for 2 years. Every moment, both ups and downs in this club remains good memory.
Also, I am very proud to play with uniform number 16.
I am gifted to play with supportive coaches, staffs and cheerful teammates and very glad to play with them in J1,J2,ACL.
Last but not least, I deeply appreciate for fans and supporters who always supported me.
Your cheering gave me strength to during the game.

Best wishes to F.C. TOKYO, and looking forward to having an interaction in the future. I will always checking the game.
Thank you very much for great time, memory.

My life as a professional soccer player goes on, so thank you very much for your continuous support.
I will never forget those who I met at this team.
I wont say good bye, see you again. Thank you! Go. F.C. TOKYO!