Cancellation of contract with Shuichi Gonda

F.C. TOKYO announce that we agreed to cancel a contract with Shuichi Gonda who were on  loan deal to SV Horn.
The cancellation of contract is upon mutual agreement. 

【Shuichi Gonda】
□ Position:GK
□ Date of Birth:March 3th 1989
□ Birth Place:Setagaya, Tokyo
□ Height/Weight : 187cm/83kg
□ Blood Type : A
□ Career History:
   2001-2003 F.C. TOKYO U-15
              2002 Nike Premium Cup Japan Champion
              2002 Nike Premium Cup 2002 World Final 6th Place
              2002 The 17st Japan Club Youth Soccer Championship (U-15) 3rd Place
              2003 The 18st Japan Club Youth Soccer Championship (U-15) Champion
              2003 Menicon Cup 2003 The 9th Japan Club Youth spccer (U-15) East vs West 
              2003 Prince Takamado Trophy The 15th All Japan Youth Soccer Tournament (U-15) Best8

             2004-2006 F.C. TOKYO U-18
             2005 The 29th Japan Club Youth Soccer Tournament U-18 Best 8
             2006 adidas CUP 2006 The 30th Japan Club Youth Soccer Tournament U-18 3rd Place
             2006 Registered as Class-2 player and accompanied with F.C. TOKYO top team
2007-2015 F.C. TOKYO
             2009 J.League Yamazaki Nabisco Cup Champion
             2010 Suruga Bank Championship 2010 TOKYO Champion
             2011 J.League Division 2 Champion Promoted to J1 League.
             2011 Emperor's Cup. The 91st All Japan Soccer Tournament Champion2016
           SV Horn(Australia)※On loan deal

□ National Team History:
   2002 U-14 Japan Youth Selection (AFC ASIAN YOUTH U-14 FESTIVAL 2002)
   2003 U-15Japan National Team
   2004 U-16Japan National Team(AFC U-17 Soccer Tournament)
   2005 U-17Japan National Team
   2007 U-18Japan National Team
   2008 U-19Japan National Team(AFC U-19 Soccer Tournament Saudi-Arabia Best 8)
   2009 Japan National Team、U-20Japan National Team
   2010 Japan National Team(AFC Asia Cup)
   2011 Japan National Team(AFC Asia Cup Qatar)
   U-22 Japan National Team(London Olympics Asia Final Qualifiers)
   2012 Japan National Team U-23 Japan National Team(London Olympics 4th Place)
   2013 Japan National Team(EAFF East Asia Cup 2013 Champion)
   2014 Japan National Team(2014FIFA World Cup Brazil)
   2015 Japan National Team

□ Playing Stats(As of 2017 January 14th
J1 League 183 Games 0 Goal
J2 League 20 Games 0 Goal
Tournament 24 Games 0 Goal
Emperor's Cup  11 Games 0 Goal
ACL5 Games 0 Goal
※SV Horn(Australia Division 3) 2015-2016 Season 2 Games 0 Goal

□ Comment from Shuichi Gonda
I will leave F.C. TOKYO to seek the possibility for playing at Europe league. 
19 years in F.C. TOKYO made me grew as a man, and as a player. Thank you very much.