Naotake Hanyu moves to Jef United Chiba Ichihara

F.C.TOKYO announce that Naotake Hanyu will play forJef United Chiba Ichihara next season on a permanent deal.

【Profile of Naotake Hanyu】
□ Position : MF
□ Birth Date : December 22nd 1979
□ Birth Place : Chiba
□ Height/Weight : 167cm/62kg
□ Blood Type : O

□ Career History:
1995-1997 Chiba Prefectural Yachiyo Highschool
     1997 The 76th All Japan High School Soccer Tournament Best 8
1998-2001 University of Tsukuba
2002-2007 Jef United Chiba/Jef United Ichihara Chiba
     2005 J League Yamazaki Nabisco Cup Champion
     2006 J League Yamazaki Nabisco Cup Champion
2008-2012 F.C. TOKYO
     2009 J League Yamazaki Nabisco Cup Champion
     2010 Suruga Bank Champion Ship 2010 TOYKO Champion
     2011 J League Divison 2 Champion Promoted to J1
     2011 The 91st Emperor's Cup All Japan Soccer Tournament Champion
2013 Venforet Kofu ※On Loan Deal
2014-2016 F.C. TOKYO

□ Career at National Team and Selection :
1997 Chiba Prefecture Selection(Osakafu Athletic Meet Men's Soccer 3rd Place)
2001 Kanto University Selection(Denso Challenge Cup Champion MVP)
2001 Universiade Japan National Team(Universiade Beijing Champion)
2006 Japan National Team(AFC Asia Cup 2007 Qualifiers)
2007 Japan National Team(AFC Asia Cup 2007 4th Place)
2008 Japan National Team(East Asia Soccer Tournament 2008 2nd Place、
2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa Asia Qualifiers
※ Participated in 17 International A matches as a member of Japan National Team

□ Playing Stats(As of January 7th 2017)
【F.C. TOKYO】J1 Leauge 14 Games 0 Goal / Tournament 2 Games 0 Goal / Emperor's Cup 1 Game 0 Goal / ACL 5 Games 0 Goal
※ AFC Champions League Playoffs 2016 1Game 0Goal
<Total Stats >
J1 League 344 Games 29 Goals
J2 League 37 Games  5 Goals
Tournament 70 Games  5 Goals
Emperor's Cup 32 Games 1 Goal
ACL 9 Games  0 Goal

□Comment from Naotake Hanyu
I will be playing for Jef United Ichihara Chiba from next season. I had lots of converstaion with the team over this transfer. 
Even though I have been at F.C. TOKYO for a long year, and have not contributed to the team's result that much
the club offered me not only being a player for next season, but also offered various option. 
I would like to deeply appreciate from bottomo of the heart to Mr. Ogane, Tateishi GM and Shinoda Coach.
Also, I am grateful about my teammates, coach and staff, and those who supported me. Thank you very much.

This decision was really difficult for both me and for my family. People around me was not willing me 
to move to different team. However, what motivated me to move to a different team was my stron ambition to be
a professional soccer player till the retirement. 
Being at F.C. TOKYO for next season was really confortable thing for me because there are fans and supporters 
who will support me. Spending a year in such a confortable environment, was something different for me.

I totally understand that this challenge will be really difficult for me considering the fact of my age. 
Also, there are not only positive support for my challenge, but I accept all of those facts and take it as a challenge. 
Professional soccer player should create their own path, and make history by himself. 
I think next year will be my last year for playing as professional player, and it will be the compilation of 
my professional career. Thus, I will do everything I can, and feel that I cannot run any more at the end of the season. 

The club offered me an opportunity to talk directly to the fans about this transfer,but unfortunately I could not arrange the date. 
However, the support from fans and supporters were surely my driving force, and made this transfer happen.
I am looking forward to seeing you all with a happy smile someday, and wishing the club and the team all the best to be the champion. 
Thank you very much.