​Akihoro Hayashi joins F.C. TOKYO from next season.

F.C.TOKYO announce that Akihoro Hayashi will play for F.C. TOKYO next season on a permanent deal.

【Profile of Akihiro Hayashi】
□ Position : GK
□ Birth Date : May 7th 1987
□ Birth Place : Higashiyamato City, Tokyo 
□ Height/Weight : 195cm/89kg
□ Blood Type : A

□ Career History:
2003-2005 Ryutsu Keizai University Kashiwa High School
Prince Takmado the 15th All Japan Youth Soccer Tournament 2004 Best 8 
2006-2009 Ryutsu Keizai University
Prime Minister's Cup The 31st All Japan University Soccer Tournament Champion 
2010 Plymouth Argyle FC(England)
2010.6-2011 ROC Charleroi-Marchienne(Belgium)
2012-2013.7 Shimizu S-Pulse
2013.8- Sagan Tosu  ※On loan deal
2014-2016 Sagan Tosu

□ Career at National Team :
2005 U-18 Japan National Team
2006 U-19 Japan National Team(AFC U-19 2nd Place)
2007 U-20 Japan National Team(FIFA U-20 World Cup Canada Beest 16)
2007 U-22 Japan National Team
2008 Beijing Olympics Japan National Team Backup member
2010 London Olympics Japan National Team Backup member
2014 Japan National Team
2015 Japan National Team
2016 Japan National Team

□ Playing Stats(As of December 30th 2016)
【Sagan Tosu】J1 Leauge 34 Games 0 Goal / Tournament 3 Games 0 Goal / Emperor's Cup 2 Games 0 Goal 
<Total Stats >
J1 League 144 Games 0 Goal
Tournament 14 Games 0 Goal
Emperor's Cup 14 Games 0 Goal
Participated in Emperor's Cup as a member of Ryutsu Keizai University in 2006

□Comment from Akihiro Hayashi
Nice to meet you all, this is Akihiro Hayashi. I will be playing for F.C. TOKYO from next season.
I would like to strengthen the bond between the players and stick to the game result.
Indivicual strength, teamwork and self-dedication for the team is really essentaial for soccer, and I would like to 
spread this atmosphere among the team to push up both induvidual skill and teamwork.  
I will put every effort to contribute to the team's victory, and be a reliable player in the team. 
Thank you very much for your support!