Hideto Takahashi moves to Vissel Kobe

F.C.TOKYO announce that Hideto Takahashi will play for Vissel next season on a permanent deal.

【Profile of Hideto Takahashi】
□ Position : MF
□ Birth Date : October 17th 1987
□ Birth Place : Gunma Prefecture
□ Height/Weight : 183cm/75 kg
□ Blood Type : O

□ Career History:
1999-2002 Tonan SC Jr.Youth
The 17th All Japan Club Youth Soccer U-15 Tournament 2002 3rd Place
2003-2005 Gunma PrefecturalMaebashi Shogo High School
               The 83rd All Japan High School Soccer Tournament 2004 Best 8
2006-2009 Tokyo Gakugei University
The 56th All Japan University Soccer Tournament Best 8
              Prime Minister Cup The 31st All Japan University Soccer Tournament 2007
              2008 JFA J League Special Designated Player(F.C. TOKYO)
              2008 JFA J League Special Designated Player(F.C. TOKYO)              
2010-2016 F.C. TOKYO
               2010 Suruga Bank Championship 2010 TOKYO Champion
               2011 J League Division 2 Champion Promoted to J1
               2011 The 91st Emperor's Cup All Japan Soccer Tournament Champion
2011 J League Divion 2 Champion promoted to J1

□ Career at National Team and Selection :
2007 All Japan University Selection
2008 All Japan University Selection
2009 All Japan University Selection
2009 Universiade Japan National Team (The 25th Universiade Beograd Competition 3rd Place)
2012 Japan National Team (FIFA World Cup 2014 Asia Final Qualifiers)
2013 Japan National Team(EAFF East Asia Cup 2013 Champion)
※Participated in 7 international A games and made 0 goal. 

□ Playing Stats(As of December 28th 2016)
【F.C. TOKYO】J1 Leauge 19 Games 0 Goal / Tournament 4 Games 0 Goal / Emperor's Cup 2 Games 0 Goal / ACL 5 Games  0 Goal
【F.C. TOKYO U-23】J3 League 2 Games 0 Goal
<Total Stats >
J1 League 148 Games 10 Goals
J2 League 32 Games  4 Goals
J3 League 2 Games 0 Goal
  Tournament 26 Games  1 Goal
Emperor's Cup 18 Games 1 Goal
ACL 11 Games  1 Goal
※Participated in match as JFA J League Special designated player in 2008 and 2009
  Participated as overage player in F.C. TOKYO 

□Comment from Hideto Takahashi
To fans and supporters. I have decided to move to Vissel Kobe. 

It has been 9 years since I came to F.C. TOKYO.Fans were always supportive and I really appreciate it from bottom of my heart. 
I learned a lot about soccer through interacting with fans and supporters, and also I could grew as a person.

At first, I did not have confidience playing as a professional soccer player, but the fans and supporter gave me motivation and confidence to 
challenge at Ajinomoto Stadium. Again, thank you very much for creating welcoming atmosphere.  
I regret about the fact that I could not make any good results at league match due to lack of my skills.
However, the atmosphere where fans and teams unite as "one team" is always be in my heart. 
No matter what happens to my future, I belive that I can overcome any difficulties with memories with fans . 

I cannot contribute to F.C. TOKYO's anymore, however, I believe that the remaining players will push up the team with 
F.C. TOKYO soul in mind. 
I will keep praciticng so that this decision was right for both for my future and for this club.

I will do my best and be myself so that I could give back what i have received from my fans. 
Looking forward to seeing you all in the future. 

Thank you very much