Sota Hirayama moves to Vegalta Sendai

F.C.Tokyo announce that Sota Hirayama will play for Vegalta Sendai next season on a permanent deal.

【Profile of Sota Hirayama】
□ Position : FW
□ Birth Date : June 6th 1985
□ Birth Place : Fukuoka
□ Height/Weight : 190cm/85kg
□ Blood Type : B

□ Profile :
2001-2003   Nagasaki prefectrual Kunimi High School

         2001 Prince Takamado Trophy The 12th All Japan Youth Soccer Tournament Champion
         2001 The 80th All Japan High School Soccer Tournament Champion
         2002 The 37th Interscholastic Athletic Meet 2nd Place
         2002 Prince Takamado Trophy The 13th All Japan Youth Soccer Tournament Champion
         2002 The 81st All Japan High School Soccer Tournament Second Place, Leading Scorer
         2003 The 38th Interscholastic Athletic Meet Champion
         2003 The 82nd All Japan High School Soccer Tournament, Champion, Leading Scorer
2004-2005.8  University of Tsukuba
         2004 Kanto University Soccer League Division 1 Champion
2005.8-2006  Heracles Almelo(Holand Divion 1)
2006.9-     F.C. TOKYO
         2009 J League Yamazaki Nabisco Cup Champion
         2010 Suruga Bank Championship 2010 TOKYO Champion
         2011 J League Division2 Champion 、Promoted to J1
         2011 The 91st Emperor's Cup All Japan 2011 Champion

□ National Team History :
2002 U-18 Japan National Team(AFC Youth Championship Second Place)

2003 U-20 Japan National Team(FIFA World Youth UAE Championship Participant)
2003 U-22 Japan National Team(Athens Olympics Asia Qualifier)
2003 U-18 Japan National Team
2004 U-23 Japan National Team(Athens Olympics Participant)
2004 U-19 Japan National Team(AFC Youth Championship 3rd Place)
2005 U-20 Japan National Team(FIFA World Youth Holand Best 16)
2006 U-21 Japan National Team(Asian Games Participant)
2007 U-22 Japan National Team(Beijing Olympics Asia Qualifier Participant)
2009 Japan National Team
2010 Japan National Team (AFC Asia Cup Participant)
※Made Hat-trick on a very first of Japan National Team
Participate in 4 international A match and made 3 points

□ Playing History(As of December 27th 2016)
【F.C. TOKYO】J1 League 15 Matches 5 Points / Tournament 2 Matches 0 Point /Emperor's Cup 2 Matches 1 Point/ ACL 2 Matches 0 Point
【F.C. TOKYO U-23】J3 League 20 Matches 7 Point
  J1 League 168 Matches 33 Points
  J2 League 1 Match 0 Point
  Tournament 39 Matches 10 Points
  Emperor's Cup 21 Matches 11 Points
  ACL 3 Matches 0 Point
※Participated in 5 Emperor's Cup games as a member of Kunimi High School and made 4 points.
※Participated in 32 games and made 8 points as a member of Heracles Armelo in 2005 and 2006.

□ Comment from Sota Hirayama
I will be playing as member of Vegalda Sendai from next season. I have been at F.C. TOKYO for 11 years, and I feel grateful about it. During 11 years, many unforgettable things happened to both me and the club. Also, being a professional soccer player in F.C. TOKYO has made me grow mentally. Fans and supporters I met at F.C. TOKYO, is a family for me. Although I will be playing at different team from next year, the continuous support will be a great power for me so thank you very much for your continuous support. Thank you very much for supporting me 11 years.