Yohei Hayashi moves to Oita Trinita

F.C.TOKYO announce that Yohei Hayashi will play for Oita Trinita next season on a permanent deal.

【Profile of Yohei Hayashi】
□ Position : FW
□ Birth Date : July 16th 1989
□ Birth Place : Saitama
□ Height/Weight : 178cm/64kg
□ Blood Type : B

□ History:
2005-2007    Urawa Reds Youth
2008-2011    Chuo Univeristy
         2011 Prime Minister's Cup All Japan University Soccer Tournament Champion 2nd Place
2012-2013    F.C. TOKYO
2014-2014.8   Fagiano Okayama ※On Loan Deal
2014.8-2014.12 Oita Trinita ※On Loan Deal
2015-2016    F.C. TOKYO

□ National Team History:
2008 U-19 Japan National Team
2010 U-21 Japan National Team, All Japan University selection

□ Playing History(As of December 21st 2016)
【F.C. TOKYO】J1 League 0 Match 0 Point / Tournament 0 Match 0 Point /Emperor's Cup 1 Match 0 Point/ ACL 1 Match 0 Point
【F.C. TOKYO U-23】J3 League 20 Matches 7 Point
  J1 League 15 Matches 0 Point
  J2 League 35 Matches 8 Points
  J3 League 20 Matches 7 Points
  Tournament 6 Matches 2 Points
  Emperor's Cup 5 Matches 2Points
  ACL 2 Matches 0 Point

□ Comment from Yohei Hayashi
Thank you for supporting me for five years, including 1 year which I was on a loan deal. I was really happy
to play in front of our fans at Ajinomoto Stadium. Also, I feel sorry and regret about the fact that I could not contribute to the team.
Making a goal at F.C. TOKYO game will be my next goal. Thank you very much for your continuous support.