End of the contract with Tatsuya Enomoto

We announce that we have ended the contract with Tatsuya Enomoto.

【Tatsuya Enomoto’s profile】
□Position GK
□Date of Birth 16/03/1979
□Birth Place Tokyo
□Height/Weight 190cm/82kg
□Blood Type O

□ History:
1994-1996 Urawagakuin High School
1997-1998 Yokohama Marinos
1999-2006 Yokohama F・Marinos
       2000 J1 League 1st Stage Champion
       2001 JLeague Yamazaki Nabisoko Cup Champion、MVP
       2003 J1 League Champion (1st Stage、2nd Stage Champion)
       2004 J1 League Champion (2nd Stage Champion)
2007–2010 Vissel Kobe
2011-2012 Tokushima Vortis
2013-2014 TOCHIGI SC
2015-2016 F.C. TOKYO

□ National Team History
1998 U-19 Japan National Team (AFC U-19 Championship Qatar Second Place)
1998 U-23 Japan National Team (Asian Games in Bankok)
1999 U-20 Japan National Team (FIFA World Youth Championship Second Place)

□ Playing History(As of 2016 November 22nd)
2016 F.C. TOKYO
 J1 League 0 Match 0 point
 J3 League 7 Matches 0 point (F.C. TOKYO U-23) 
Tournament 0 Match 0 point
Emperor’s Cup 0 Match 0 point
ACL 0 Matches 0 point
  J1League 223 Matches 0 points
  J2League 60 Matches 0 points
  J3 League 7 Matches 0 point
  Tournament 43 Matches 0 points
  Emperor’s Cup 10 Matches 0 point
  ACL 0 Match 0 point

Thought it was only 2 years, I am very grateful to our fans, teammates, staffs and those who are related to F.C. TOKYO. One thing I regret about is that we could achieve the victory at J League. I will continue cheering F.C. TOKYO and I would like to make the most out of the experience I had at F.C. TOKYO. We still have Emperor’s Cup, so please cheer for us.