Announcement of Yoshiyuki Shinoda contract renewal.

We announce that F.C. TOKYO has renewed the contract with Yoshiyuki Shinoda, and he will be in charge of manager of F.C. TOKYO for next year.

【Yoshiyuki Shinoda`s Profile】

□ Date of Birth : 18/06/1971
□ Birth Place : Yamanashi Prefecture
□ Coaching History:

 2005 Avispa Fukuoka Hometown Promotion Team Coach
 2006.1~7 Avispa Fukuoka U-18 Coach
 2006.7~12 Avispa Fukuoka Top Team Coach
 2007 Avispa Fukuoka U-15 Coach
 2008 Avispa Fukuoka Top Team Coach
 2008.7~2011.8 Avispa Fukuoka Top Team Manager(2010 J League Divison2 3rd place、promoted to J1)
 2012-2016.6 F.C. TOKYO Top Team Coaching
 2016.7 F.C. TOKYO Top Team Manager

□ 2016 Season result
F.C. Tokyo
 J1 League Match 12 Matches 8 wins 2 draws 2 loss [2nd Stage 9th place/Yearly 9th place out of 18 teams]
 J League YBC Levian Cup Best 4 (Lost at Semifinal)
 The 96th Emperor's Cup All Japan Football Championship Round 16 ※11/9 (Wed) vs Honda FC

□ Comment
I will be managing the F.C. TOKYO for 2017 Season as well. Thanks to the support from our fans, we could fight through this season. Again, with challenging spirit in mind, we will put everything we can to fight for the victory. Let’s fight as one team.