F.C.TOKYO U-18 player registered for first team (Class 2)

F.C.TOKYO announce that F.C.TOKYO U-18 player Rei HIRAKAWA and Takefusa KUBO have been registered for the first team (Class 2). Registered player is  approved to play the official J.League matches while belonging to a Japan Football Association Class 2 team.

- Position: Midfielder
- Squad Number: 14
- Date of Birth: 20 April 2000
- Place of Birth: Chofu, Tokyo
- Height/ Weight: 174cm/ 67kg
- Career:  Uenohara FC  -> F.C.TOKYO U-15 Musashi

[Takefusa KUBO]
- Position: Midfielder
- Squad Number: 50
- Date of Birth: 4 June 2001
- Place of Birth: Kanagawa
- Height/ Weight: 167cm/ 60kg
- Career:  FC Barcelona  -> F.C.TOKYO U-15 Musashi