Shuto Kouno will be transferred to RENOFA Yamaguchi on loan for training

F.C. TOKYO announce that Shuto Kohno will transfer to RENOFA Yamaguchi on loan l for training until January 31, 2017.

※About loan for training
A system which enables player to transfer to another team even if it is not the transfer period. The transfer is valid only when the player from 18 to 23 years old transfers to the lower league.   

【Shuto Kouno’s profile】
■Position: MF
■Date of birth: May 4, 1993 (23 year old)
■Birthplace: Edogawa-ku, Tokyo
■Height/Weight: 179 cm/70 Kg
■Blood type: O type

2006-2010       JAF academy Fukushima(※Halfway graduate)
                        F.C. TOKYO
2010                 Suruga Bank Championship 2010 TOKYO victory
2011                    Oita Trinita(※Loan)
2012- 2012/8    F.C. TOKYO
2012/8              FC Machida Zelvia(※Loan)
2013                 V-Varen Nagasaki(※Loan)
2014-2014/8     F.C. TOKYO
2014/8             JEF United Ichihara Chiba(※Loan)
2015                 F.C. TOKYO

■Representative career
2008 U-16 Japan National member (AFC U-16 Championship 2008 Uzbekistan Cup Best4)
2009 U-17 Japan National member (FIFA U-17 World Cup 2009 Nigeria entry)
2011 U-18 Japan National member
2012 U-19 Japan National member
2013 U-20 Japan National member, U-21 Japan National member

2016 F.C. TOKYO league match 0 game 0 point/ Cup match 1 game 0 point/ Emperors Cup 6 games 0 point / ACL 1 game 0 point
2016 F.C. TOKYO U-23 league match 11 games 0 point.

“I decided to transfer to RENOFA Yamaguchi. I really love F.C. TOKYO and I always I wanted to contribute to my team. It was really tough decision, but this is what I chose so I will take full responsibility and do my best. Thank you very much in advance for continuous support”