[Report] About the donation activity for Fumiya Hayakawa Supporting Fund on Arbilex Nigata match.

We would like to report about the donation activity of "Ariblex Nigata Fumiya Hayakawa supporting fund" which was held on June 18th(Sat) at 2016 Meiji Yasuda Seime J1 1st Stage 15th Sec F.C. TOKYO vs Ariblex Nigata match. (19:00 kick off/ Ajinomono Stadium)

□ Background
On 6/13(Mon) Albirex Nigata annouced the inspection result of Fumiya Hayakawa ( Age 22), and "Albirex Nigata Fumiya Hayakawa Supporting Fund" was established. F.C. TOKYO decided to support the donation for this Supporting beacuse we belong to the same J League club, and we are part of a soccer family. We hope he gets well and comes back to the field as soon as possible.

□ Total Amount of Donation
1,321,521 Yen

□ For more information about the Supporting Fund and inspection result of Fumiya Hayakawa,
please check the Arbilex Nigata official homepage.

※ For this donation, we received lots of cooperation from not only F.C. TOKYO fans but also from Arbilex Nigata fans. Also even though it was a short notice, lots of fans wrote a meesage to banner. We deeply appreciate your cooperation, and we hope Fumiya Hawakawa to come back to the field.