Masayuki Yamada will join F.C. TOKYO from next season

F.C. TOKYO announce that Masayuki Yamada(Hosei University) will join F.C. TOKYO from next season.
Profile is as shown.

Masayuki Yamada Profile

□Position : DF
□Date of Birth : 1994/10/01/
□Place of Birth: Saitama Prefecture
□Height/Weight 186cm/75kg
□Blood Type:A

2010 - 2012 Aomori Yamada High School
           2012 Inter Scholastic Athletic Meet Valuable Player
           2012  All-Japan High School Soccer Tournament Valuable Player

2013- Hosei University
2015 All-Japan University Selection
2016 JFA・J League Special license player( Accepted y F.C. TOKYO)

- Strong Points
Masayuki Yamada is a defender who has got aerial prowess on both side of the pitch, taking advantage of his physical strength. He is strong on one-on-one situations.
He prevents pinches with his fabulous match-reading and space-covering ability as well as makes a breakthrough with his accurate long balls on offense.

I will officially join F.C TOKYO from next season.I am really happy to be a professional soccer player because this is what I dreamed of since I was little.
I really feel grateful more than I can say to my parents, peers, coach, teammates from my university and all those who concerned with me.
However, this is not a goal. I will put my effort with a fresh mind. With a sense being a member of F.C. TOKYO, I will do my best at my university. Thank you in advance for your support.