New club sponsorship contract signing

F.C.Tokyo are pleased to announce that the club have signed a new sponsorship contract with FUBIC Inc.

[Company Profile]
Representative: CEO/ President Masahiro Kurokawa
Location: 2F Rosebay Shinjuku Building, 1-13-1 Hyakunincho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Foundation: October 1993
URL: FUBIC Inc. - http://fubic.com/
Dr. Stretch - http://docst.jp/

[About Dr. Stretch]
Dr. Stretch, organised by FUBIC Inc., has worked with a number of athletes and top sport teams in the field of stretching and body maintenance. Its unique core balance stretching technique builds an injury-free body and helps improve athletes’ performance. Under our corporate mission "to grow people's future through health care," we promote a platform of physical preparation throughout Japan.